View LIVE CCTV images on your mobile phone

CCTVsafe bring you LIVE images from your CCTV cameras direct to your mobile phone, so now you can view them wherever you are.

Launch: View live video on GSM mobile phones without needing 3rd generation mobile technology

CCTVsafe today announced the launch of live video on standard GSM Java enabled mobile phones, without the need for expensive third generation handsets or networks.

This new service will enable CCTVsafe's customers to be able to use their mobile phones to view live pictures from their security cameras from anywhere in the world.

Peter Swattridge, co -founder of CCTVsafe said:
"This is a tremendously exciting day for our company. We believe this service will revolutionise the CCTV monitoring and surveillance market. We are committed to providing high quality security solutions and world beating innovations to our customers, and with live video on GSM mobiles from our Video Alert Server we are doing both!"

Gerry Lawrence, director of CCTVsafe said:
"We are confident that live video on GSM mobile phones will be quickly adopted by our existing customers and will appeal to many new customers. We believe we are the first company in the world offering this service."

The new live video service is commercially available from today.

A complete CCTVsafe security system can be installed and operational within a few days.

CCTVsafe has a growing network of partner installer companies in the UK who can supply CCTVsafe security and telemetry solutions.

Notes for editors:

CCTVsafe Ltd, formed in 2001, is a British hi -tech security company based in London. CCTVsafe provides a fully integrated solution that captures images from CCTV security cameras, transmits the images across the Internet and stores them in a remote, secure data centre. The images can then be viewed from anywhere across the Internet. This service can be integrated with existing CCTV technologies and provides some unique advantages over traditional time -lapse analogue tape storage including:

- Images can be viewed from anywhere at anytime.
- No more changing of video tapes required.
- Easily find historic images by time of day.
- Consolidate images from multiple sites.
- Integrates with existing CCTV and alarm installations.
- Provides text message alerts of new images to mobile phones.
- Allows visual verification of alarms by viewing live images on GSM mobile phones.

CCTVsafe's customers include a leading UK telecom's provider, a world renowned merchant bank and a number of high -value residential clients. CCTVsafe assembles its Video Alert Server itself, develops all its own software in -house and also provides image storage of captured images on its own equipment. CCTVsafe uniquely provide this complete end -to -end solution, encompassing collection, storage and retrieval of images.

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For More Information Contact:

CCTVsafe Limited
19 Norfolk House Road, London. SW16 1JJ
Tel: +44 871 717 0600 or +44 1273 684781
Fax: +44 870 056 9449

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