New high tech valve device detects leaks and shuts off water automatically

St. Louis, MO - It happens all the time: toilets run and overflow, pipes freeze and break, sinks, water heaters and dishwashers leak, washing machine hoses split. All result in property damage, the loss of irreplaceable personal valuables and, of course, considerable personal upheavals as homeowners deal with the aftermath of cleanup and repairs. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute for Property Loss Reduction estimates that water damage from plumbing problems exceeded $4 billion between 1986 and 1996.

"Your pipes seem to know when you're away," says Rodney Bryan, Jr., Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DynaQuip Controls of St. Clair, Missouri. He should know. Two years ago he arrived at the family vacation home in Florida to find massive water damage from a leaking 2nd floor water heater. "The overflow from the leak destroyed part of the first floor, causing nearly $45,000 in damage," he recalls. "I spent most of my vacation dealing with a plumber, repair contractors, and our insurance agent."
Mr. Bryan didn't just get mad, he got working. On his flight home he applied his knowledge of industrial valve automation, learned through his work at DynaQuip Controls, to design a product that would solve the problem of damage caused by water leaks. His solution became the now patented WaterCop Emergency Water Shut -Off System.
The system, manufactured by the residential products division of DynaQuip Controls, is a unique combination of wireless leak detection and automatic water shut -off designed to protect homes from common plumbing problems that can cause extensive water damage.
At the system's core is a remote controllable automatic shut -off valve that is installed in the main water supply. An installed network of remote sensors detect unwanted water or abnormally low temperatures near pipes and turn the water off resulting in an effective reduction of subsequent property damage.
"We're proud to offer homeowners this latest technology to provide around the clock protection," says Bryan. Ken Kerr, President of Home Controls, Inc. in San Diego, California, agreed when he installed his new WaterCop System after a broken washing machine hose flooded his home while he was away. "The WaterCop System offers peace -of -mind to homeowners who want their possessions to be secure whether they are home or not."
The WaterCop System, when integrated into a homeowner's security or automation system via simple low voltage contacts, can assist in notifying the monitoring company (and thus the homeowner) of a problem. Tied to a home automation system, homeowners can remotely control the main water supply via a phone, a PC or simply with a conveniently installed wall switch. The latter option could benefit disabled or senior homeowners unable or unwilling to venture to basements, crawl spaces, or other difficult to reach areas where main water shut -off valves are often located.
Homeowners can also purchase the latest addition to the WaterCop System, the FreezeHound. Clipped to pipes at the extremities of the home, the FreezeHound detects abnormal or sudden temperature drops and shuts off the water. While the FreezeHound cannot prevent a pipe from freezing, it will greatly reduce flooding and resulting water damage.
WaterCop Automatic Shut -Off Systems start as low as $299.99 for an automatic valve and control switch. Additional sensors and other options are available to create complete packages catered to outfit the needs of almost any home. WaterCop products will be available through plumbing wholesalers, insurance agents, security system and home automation dealers, and home improvement centers.
St. Clair, Missouri -based DynaQuip Controls Corporation and its 70 employees, produce industrial valves, valve automation systems, and air compressor accessory products. The products are sold to distributors, independent dealers, retailers and original equipment manufacturers.

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