-- New VSU 500 Video Switching Unit and SCU500 Serial Control Unit Now Available --

ITASCA, IL, September 5, 2003 -OPUS Technologies has significantly expanded the capabilities of its multi -room distributed audio system with two newly available components: the VSU500 Video Switching Unit and SCU500 Serial Control Unit. The OPUS system, on exhibit at the Indianapolis Convention Center at Marantz Booth 230 (September 5 - 7, 2003), has earned acclaim from dealers, custom installation specialists and consumers for its uncompromising performance, ease of use and exceptional installation flexibility.

The OPUS system combines the sonic advantages of high -end audio components with the convenience, flexibility and user benefits that whole -house multi -room installations provide -in an elegant system that integrates seamlessly into the home environment.

The system consists of the Master Control Unit (MCU500); Keypad/Display (WCU500); Learning Remote Control (LRC500), System Remote Control (SRC500), Digital Zone Module stereo amplifiers (DZM20, DZM50 and DZM100), Video Switching Unit (VSU500), Serial Control Interface (SCU500), and various system accessories.

Following are descriptions of the new OPUS components:

VSU500 Video Switching Unit: Flexible, Seamless Multi -Room Video

The VSU500 Video Switching Unit provides multi -room video delivery, routing up to five composite video sources to up to four zones simultaneously using standard coaxial cable types.

It easily connects to an OPUS MCU500 Master Control Unit, requires no specific set up, and interfaces seamlessly with other system components -when an A/V source is selected via the WCU500 Keypad/Display or system remote, the audio and video are automatically sent to the selected zones.

The VSU500 provides on -screen display for control of A/V sources, and includes a dedicated input for closed circuit (CCTV) interfacing. The VSU500 also includes loop outputs that allow multiple video switching units for routing video content from five A/V sources to up to 24 individual zones. The VSU500 allows for sharing video source components with components in a dedicated home theater, and provides on -screen display capability for more effective control of sources such as the Marantz DH9300 Music Server.

SCU500 Serial Control Unit: Total System Integration

The SCU500 Serial Control Unit enables the OPUS system to interface with third party touch panel controllers by Crestron and AMX, in addition to PC interfacing for virtual keypad applications. Connectivity includes multiple inputs via RS -232, RS -422 and USB ports. The virtual keypad software is supplied with the SCU500.
As a member of the Crestron Industry Partnership and AMX's In Concert program, drivers to interface the SCU500 to controller equipment are downloadable from the Internet.

High -End Performance with Whole -House Operation

The OPUS system is an innovative, yet easy to use multi -room entertainment system that enables multiple audio/video sources to be enjoyed throughout the home, simultaneously. Highlights of the OPUS system include the following:

The unique OPUS WCU500 Keypad/Display interface not only provides system control from each room location, it also provides users with text feedback regarding overall system status.

OPUS is easy to install -components connect between rooms via a single CAT -5 -based cable, which carries all audio, data and power.

The system is expandable. A single MCU500 Master Control Unit can serve up to eight rooms -four main zones and four sub -zones. Up to six Master Control Units may be linked together, enabling the system to be expanded to 24 zones/24 sub -zones (48 rooms total) for more complex multi -room installations. The system includes A -BUS capability for sub zone control, and as noted, the Master Control Unit can interface with the VSU500 Video Switching Unit and SCU500 Serial Control Unit for enhanced capabilities.

Unlike many distributed audio systems, OPUS is designed for superlative sound quality, utilizing full -bandwidth amplifiers and audiophile -grade components.

System benefits include a number of custom installation -friendly features such as global paging, global mute, telephone interface/mute, clock/alarm/sleep timer functions and more.

OPUS is easy to program via its LRC 500 Learning Remote Control.

Specifically designed text inputs for interfacing with the Marantz DH9300 Music Server provide text feedback that is displayed on the WCU500 wall control panel.

Following are brief outlines of the other components in the OPUS system:

OPUS WCU500 Keypad/Display

The OPUS WCU500 Keypad/Display is the operational interface of the system. This compact, elegant keypad mounts into a wall (an optional table -top version will be available) and provides every zone with full system control. A large LCD panel display clearly indicates system status at all times, and an array of buttons provides ready access to most commonly used functions. For added versatility, the OPUS Keypad/Display can also receive commands from the system's remote control units.

OPUS MCU500 Master Control Unit

The MCU500 Master Control Unit is the heart of the OPUS system. Designed and engineered to uncompromising performance standards, the Master Control Unit can accommodate up to five audio/video sources such as a DVD player, CD changer, music server etc., in addition to its built -in precision tuner with RDS capability.

Styled as a high -end audio component, with an attractive metallic chassis available in black finish with convenient front -panel controls, the Master Control Unit can be placed alongside other audio/video components as well as hidden from view. Up to six MCU500 Master Control Units can be linked together, to extend the system up to a maximum of 24 zones plus 24 sub -zones (48 rooms total).

Versatile Remote Control Units

The OPUS system offers the user a choice of two versatile remote controls: the Learning Remote Control (LRC500), an all -in -one touchscreen remote that can learn the control codes for every audio/video component in the home, providing total whole -house system control from a single easy to operate unit; and the System Remote Control (SRC500), a slim, ergonomically designed cast -aluminum remote. Both units allow full access to all the functions of the WCU500 Keypad/Display units from a distance.

Digital Zone Module Amplifiers

Each OPUS Digital Zone Module amplifier contains a digital stereo amplifier and microprocessor -controlled preamplifier. Three models are available: The DZM20, DZM50 and DZM100, delivering 20, 50 and 100 watts of power per channel respectively. These compact, highly efficient Class T digital amplifiers are designed for ready installation in a ceiling/wall space or other remote location, and feature microprocessor -controlled volume, bass, treble and balance controls to customize sound to each environment.

Each Digital Zone Module amplifier also features a local source input, enabling an in -room source (such as the audio output from a TV, DVD player, CD player, VCR etc.) to be played through the speakers in that room (in addition to the audio sources connected to the MCU500 Master Control Unit).

OPUS Technologies systems are available in the U.S. from authorized resellers and custom installation specialists. Pricing is dependent on system configuration. Excluding speakers, a typical four -zone system will have a suggested retail price of $5,500.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2003, Marantz America is committed to upholding the tradition of technological superiority initiated by founder Saul Marantz. In keeping with this emphasis on quality, only the nation's premier independent audio/video specialty retailers carry Marantz audio and video components. More information is available at www.marantz.com and
www.Opus -technologies.co.uk.

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