TeleEye to Exhibit at Safety & Security Asia 2003 (Booth : 2L16)

TeleEye (S) Pte Ltd will launch a series of Network CCTV products at the Safety & Security Asia 2003 Exhibition, Singapore in October.

TeleEye (S) Pte Ltd, a joint venture of TeleEye Group and TeleCam Holdings Pte Ltd, announced today that it will launch a series of Network CCTV products at the Safety & Security Asia 2003 Exhibition in October.

TeleEye products allow people to visually monitor locations anywhere, anytime through TCP/IP, phone lines or wireless network. They extend peoples vision beyond territorial boundaries and open up innovative applications especially in the Internet and Mobile world.

TeleEye plans to showcase the revolutionary remote monitoring and digital recording systems including TeleEye III+ Network CCTV Series, TeleEye Network Cameras and TeleEye M -Monitoring Software.

Featured TeleEye Products

1. TeleEye III+ VX

a) An all -in -one video recording transmitter with dual composite video outputs and removable hard drive for standalone and remote operations.

b) Incorporating with dual composite video outputs and OSD menus, the TeleEye III+ VX series performs well on local standalone monitoring and recording operations. Its removable hard drive design allows users to flexibly expand the recording capacity according to their application requirement.

c) TeleEye III+ VX series comes with sophisticated event management function. A wide range of events like alarm, motion detection, video loss, disk full or system failure can be handled by the system automatically and immediately through user -predefined actions.

d) It is perfectly suitable for security and management solution applied in central monitoring station, manufacturing plants, retails shops, banks, gas stations, telephone exchanges, etc.

2. TeleEye III+ VR

a) A series of reliable, user -friendly and versatile video transmitters with its built -in hard drive for local recording and remote video monitoring. It is a triplex video recording system performing video viewing, recording and playback simultaneously.

b) With its state -of -the -art video compression technology and powerful remote accessibility, TeleEye III+ VR can achieve real time video refreshing rate up to 25/30fps on broadband Internet access while the maximum refreshing rate on PSTN is 20fps. In addition, the Groups proprietary sureLink technology enables the TeleEye III+ VR possible to connect the Internet through ADSL with dynamic IP address. Other transmission media like LAN, ISDN, PSTN, dial up and mobile networks are also supported.

c) It is perfectly suitable for security and management solution applied in central monitoring station, manufacturing plants, retail shops, banks, gas stations, telephone exchanges, etc.

3. Tele Eye III+ NF

a) TeleEye III+ NF series, the latest addition to the companys growing live of networking products and the worlds 3G mobile camera on FOMA network with comprehensive features and technology breakthrough.

b) By deploying the camera with the TeleEye proprietary multi -site reception software, organization can build a company -wide video surveillance system on network. A PC can receive video from up to 16 network cameras so that cost in setting up separate video network with coaxial cable can be saved.

c) TeleEye III+ NF series enable remote video access through the Internet by using standard web browser. When being used with Cyber TeleEye Web Video Solution, the cameras can capture and incorporate video on your website for web video broadcasting.

d) With built -in PCMCIA interface, the camera can be converted to a mobile or recording camera by plugging in a wireless LAN, GSM or 3G mobile network.

e) Sophisticated event handling is another TeleEye III+ NF series breakthrough. The camera can detect and handle events triggered by alarm sensor, motion or system failure appropriately.

4. Tele Eye M -Monitoring Solution

a) TeleEye will also introduce its TeleEye M -Monitoring Solution for professionals and managers to quickly, easily and conveniently access remote video of their business with a PDA anywhere and anytime. User can point -and -click his wireless PDA and connect to a TeleEye III+ transmission unit, located at a remote location to obtain remote video anywhere and anytime.

b) The TeleEye M -Monitoring Solution brings high quality remote video streaming on PDA when using the Sprint PCS network at speed up to 14.4 kbps. It also operates on other wireless communication technologies in such as PHS (64kbps) in Japan, HSCSD (28.8kbps or higher), GPRS or GSM in European and other countries, and CDMA (64kbps) in Hong Kong. For indoor applications, the TeleEye M -Monitoring Solution also works well with wireless LAN technology (IEEE802.11b at 11mbps) and gives real time video.

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Featured Product

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