Universal Powerline Bus™ Product Line Announced

PCS Announces Line-Up Of Sixteen UPB™ Products

Northridge, September 10, 2003: Powerline Control Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the release of their first line of UPB™ -based lighting control products.

These first sixteen products cover a wide variety of applications, from lighting control to annunciation. Each product is designed to work seamlessly within the UPB™ system, for the utmost in control.
Home automation and control has been a hit -or -miss proposition for quite some time. The main problem: reliability. While the level of reliability found in many existing products (in the high 90 -percentile) is generally acceptable to the home technology enthusiast, anything less than 99.9% reliability in response is unacceptable to the general public.
Powerline Control Systems (PCS) has hit the mark with their new Universal Powerline Bus™ technology. Using a new scheme for communicating over the powerline, PCS has significantly improved the reliability of control applications in the home. After extensive testing, PCS reports a reliability percentage exceeding 99.9%.
PCS' new line of UPB™ -based products include:
·Powerline Interface Module (PIM) - Designed to allow easy interfacing between PC and powerline for computer and hardware -based control.
·Single Channel Wall Switch Dimmer (WS1D) - Available in 600W, 1000W, and 2000W versions, this dimmer features 100 distinct lighting levels.
·Remote Slave Switch (RS1) - For use with WS1D in "three -way" lighting applications, such as hallways and stairwells.
·6 -Button Wall -Mounted Controller (WMC6) - Six backlit buttons for control of remote loads, as well as Dim/Bright buttons and IR (infrared) control.
·Infrared Remote Control (IRC6) - For use with WMC6, giving the user the ability to control the same six loads as in the 6 -button controller.
·8 -Button Wall -Mounted Controller (WMC8) - Fits in standard single -gang wall -box, and features 8 backlit buttons for load control.
·Desktop 6 -Button Controller (DTC6) - Desktop version of WMC6, with IR input window on the front.
·Desktop 8 -Button Controller (DTC8) - Desktop version of WMC8, with standard cord allowing use with any standard AC outlet.
·Dual -Channel Output Control Module (OCM2) - Plugs into standard AC outlets and provides independent non -dimming control for two different loads.
·Dual -Channel Plug -In Lamp Module (LM2) - Plugs directly into dual outlet receptacle and features dimmable control of two loads independently. 800W total load.
·Dual Circuit Load Control Module (LCM2 -2000) - Hardwired version of OCM2, with 2000W total load capacity over two distinct loads. Can be used in conjunction with RS1 Slave Switch.
·Single Circuit Load Control Module (LCM1 -2000) - One circuit version of LCM2 -2000 with control of one load up to 2000W.
·Dual Channel Input Control Module (ICM2) - This general purpose input sensing module will send UPB commands based on contact closure or low voltage input from two different inputs. Plugs into standard AC outlet.
·Dual -Channel Telephone Input Control Module (TCM2) - Control your UPB equipment over the phone. Capable of dual line control, for maximum flexibility.
·Dual -Channel Doorbell Module (DBM2) - Use to interface standard doorbell with UPB equipment. Features inputs for two different doorbell circuits. Plugs into standard AC outlet.
·UPB Test Module (UTM) - Indicates UPB signal level and line noise level using bi -color LEDs (red for noise, green for signal). Three signal test ranges with 6 level indicators.

About PCS

Founded in 1992, Powerline Control Systems (PCS) has been successfully developing, manufacturing, and marketing reliable, high -quality lighting controls for the residential and commercial markets. PCS' products are designed to work on standard powerlines, using the powerlines to communicate control signals without any additional wiring

PCS is based in Northridge, CA, and can be reached at 818 -701 -9831, or on the Web at www.pcslighting.com

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