OpenPeak Software Powers World's First 802.11/IR Bridge


BOCA RATON, FLORIDA AND INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - September 4, 2003 - OpenPeak Inc., a software company focused on simplifying control and communication across electronic devices within wireless environments, today announced that its technology now powers the world's first 802.11/IR bridge for home automation and control.

Global giant, Philips Consumer Electronics, has integrated OpenPeak technology into the new NTX6400, an advanced network extender based on 802.11 -to -IR wireless technology. The NetX is an accessory to the Philips award -winning iPronto platform. Using reliable WiFi networking technology, NetX extends control of the iPronto beyond the line -of -sight limit of traditional infrared (IR) signals and into equipment cabinets or other rooms from anywhere in the home.
"The collaboration with Philips has been exceptional and our joint efforts have produced a clearly superior solution for leveraging the widely popular 802.11 wireless network technology for home automation and control," said Andrew Lona, Chief Marketing Officer of OpenPeak. "Now there is an efficient way to manage devices and access content located anywhere in the home. This is critical as adoption of advanced consumer electronics becomes more pervasive and connectivity between these devices becomes more commonplace," Lona added.
"To date, solutions promising to manage such complexities have been cumbersome, expensive, and (at best) create a fragmented network environment. The NetX addresses all of these issues: it's easy to use, competitively priced with existing solutions, and wirelessly interfaces with both IR -enabled legacy and digital electronics. As such, the NetX is a natural fit for custom integrators and installers, and we expect that consumers served by these channels will quickly embrace this solution," said Michael Greeson, Vice President and Principal Analyst for Parks Associates.
"By being first to market with this innovation, Philips is positioned for continued leadership in delivering affordability, simplicity and high functionality to consumers," Lona said. "We will continue to partner with Philips to extend the usability and functionality of the iPronto platform and to help the company establish its 802.11/IR foundation as the de facto worldwide standard for automation and controls in the home and in other wireless environments."
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The OpenPeak -powered NetX is designed to work right out of the box with easy set -up and automated configuration built into the software. It's an inexpensive way for consumers to easily install a home automation and control environment or simply expand the range, functionality and usability of existing systems with entertainment, broadband, digital content and other applications.
Philips offers the OpenPeak -powered NetX through its high -end retail and custom -installation channels. The device is available immediately in the United States and scheduled for distribution in Europe later in the third quarter of 2003. The suggested retail price on the Philips NetX is $399.00.
In addition to the NetX that was developed for Philips, OpenPeak has developed two other related products: (1) an 802.11/Serial bridge device that integrates home automation systems with components such as HVAC and alarm systems; and (2) an 802.11/USB bridge device that integrates USB -enabled components, such as printers, cameras and external storage, into a seamless environment. These products may come to market under the Philips brand as well as other well -known consumer electronics marques.

OpenPeak Inc. develops software for control and communication of electronic devices in wireless environments, ranging from the home and office to hot spots and security/surveillance. OpenPeak distributes its wireless software innovations through global original equipment manufacturers. The privately -held company is based in Boca Raton, Florida.
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