Special Discount for OSGi 2003 World Congress for HomeToys readers

A special 15% discount to the OSGi 2003 World Congress (21-24 October in Dusseldorf Germany) has been extended to all HomeToys readers.. For more details, go to www.osgiworldcongress.com and to use discount code HOMET15WC.

San Ramon, Calif. - The OSGi™ Alliance has announced a special 15% discount off registration fees for HomeToys readers for the OSGi 2003 World Congress to be held at the Düsseldorf Conference Center in Düsseldorf Germany 21 -24 October 2003.

To register, go to www.osgiworldcongress.com and click on the 'register' tab. When registering, use the Discount Code HOMET15WC. This will save $405 off the Congress registration, $150 off the pre -Congress Workshop, and $525 off the special Congress/Workshop combination price.

In addition, the OSGi Alliance has announced that the first 40 of all Congress registrants who declare their interest will be eligible to visit the inHaus Duisburg facility absolutely free. The Intelligent House Duisburg Innovation Center ('inHaus' for short) is a consortium of Deutsche Telekom, Frauenhofer Gesellschaft and other companies active in developing components and services for the connected home. The inHaus facility includes a residential home, a workshop, a networked car and a networked garden. The facility presents a unique concept in the field of product -oriented innovations for a networked life.

Applications and software developers, service aggregators, hardware platform providers, consumer electronics and automotive manufacturers will gather at the OSGi 2003 World Congress to see and learn how the OSGi Service Platform is being used in a variety of networked environments. OSGi based deployments for in -vehicle entertainment and information services, home network services, and smart handheld devices will be prominently featured. Selected speakers will show how to easily deploy, provision, maintain, and manage applications and services to devices and will illustrate the benefits of the OSGi Service Platform to end -users, network operators, and manufacturers.

At the Congress, attendees will hear progress reports on commercially compelling OSGi implementations from a wide variety of organizations and companies reflective of the three main vertical markets served by the OSGi Alliance: Automotive Electronics, Smart Homes, and Service Providers. One full day will be dedicated to special tracks focusing on the OSGi technology in automotive environments, in the home, and in networks. The agenda will also include an OSGi technology overview, and examinations of OSGi applications and deployments throughout the world.

Other special features of the event will include an analyst roundtable and a "Venture Capital Shootout", where companies will have ten minutes to present their ideas to a panel of venture capitalists and receive an instant 'yes/no/maybe'.

"This event follows a very successful first OSGi World Congress held last September in Stockholm, where registration exceeded expectations," said Dr. John R. Barr, President of the OSGi Alliance and Director of Standards Realization for Motorola. "The OSGi World Congress brings together certified implementations from multiple vendors, alignment of OSGi with the automotive information and entertainment systems, smart home and energy management solutions, and examples of product implementations and system deployments made possible by the OSGi service platform.

"The product announcements and alignment of the OSGi Alliance with key vertical -market drivers is proof of the acceptance of the OSGi Service Platform as the solution for the network delivery of managed services to local networks and devices as well as a new model for the implementation of complex embedded system solutions."

For registration information go to www.osgiworldcongress.com.

About the OSGi Alliance

The OSGi Alliance and its members specify, create, advance, and promote an open service delivery and management platform and foster its wide industry adoption. The OSGi Alliance serves as the focal point for a collaborative ecosystem of service provider, technology, industrial, consumer and automotive electronics communities. As an independent non -profit corporation, the OSGi Alliance also provides for the fair and uniform creation and distribution of relevant intellectual property - including specifications, reference implementations, and test suites - to all its members.

The OSGi Service Platform is an extensible integration platform used to remotely and dynamically deploy, provision, maintain, and manage applications and services to devices in networked environments, such as homes, vehicles, mobile handhelds, and industrial settings.

Membership is open to any interested party, including Internet service providers, network operators, original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors, end users, academic institutions, government agencies, and non -profit organizations. The consortium's Web site address is http://www.osgi.org.

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