PACE Winegard Satellite Distribution Box And Amplifier Picked For HOT FIFTY

The Satellite Distribution Box, Which Includes The Satellite Distribution Amplifier, Was Designed To Be Installed With The New Stacked LNB To Drastically Reduce On-Site Installation Time And Expense For Multi-Dwelling and Large Home Installations.

Burlington, Iowa, August 28, 2003. Pace Electronics and Winegard Company will introduce at CEDIA Expo 2003, three new products developed for residential and commercial Installers. These include a Stacked LNB, a Satellite Distribution Box and Satellite Distribution Amplifier. Bob Howell, Director of the Distribution Systems/Off -Air Antenna Business Group at Winegard says "All three products were made in the USA by Winegard and are designed to be installed together, making the installation process user -friendly, seamless, quick, problem -free and more profitable for installers. We are very excited about these products being picked by the CEDIA Editors as Hot 50 products for 2003".

Mac Slocum, Managing Editor CE Pro, TecHome Builder said "The Hot 50 products, selected by the editors of CEDIA Daily, represent the most significant new offerings at the CEDIA EXPO".

PACE Electronics, one of the largest commercial distributors in the U.S. is DIRECTV's largest master system operator. PACE's new Installers Source division is under contract to supply installation products to a network of over 8,000 installers and plans to offer these 3 new products to their customer base across the nation. PACE developed their own web site where these installers can order products directly for quick shipping. PACE also supports MDU installers with training and certification for DIRECTV installations. Kent Whitney, Vice President at PACE said "The Stacked LNB and Satellite Distribution Box, working together, are very critical for the distribution of entire buildings and is the only feasible choice in the apartment environment to use multiple receivers or to address home theatre applications with multiple outlets. In a single family home environment, this Stacked LNB allows us to make every outlet in the home DIRECTV ready. We are very pleased here at PACE that these products were chosen for recognition by CEDIA's editors".

Bob Howell said "By satisfying the commercial and MDU demand for stacked technology, these new products will greatly reduce installation problems and thereby increases their profits. Mr. Whitney added, "The SK -0203 Stacked LNB provides an output which is combined on one coax cable for use with any wide -band receiver. The configuration accommodates one cable installations requiring less time and making it easier to install for multiple receivers without the necessity of multi -switches or the need for a Stacker/De -stacker configuration. The Stacked LNB is uniquely suited for single -run retrofits".

Morrie Eisenman of Dinamo Entertainment said "My MDU installations have never been easier! A Stacked System allows us to activate multiple receivers in an apartment with only one cable. I also believe that Stacked Technology for Home Theater is the wave of the future." Robert Kirkpatrick at All Digital Satellite said "The Stacked LNB introduced by your company was a dream come true! The time and expense needed for Multi -Dwelling and large home installs has been drastically reduced. Thanks for making life easier and for an ROI that makes sense."

Another of Pace and Winegard's three new products, that caught the attention of CEDIA Daily Editors for 2003, was the DA -2050 Satellite Distribution Amplifier. Designed to work with the Stacked LNB, it has been built with a constant output level, an automatic level control feature that eliminates signal strength fluctuations in long cable runs. It is also equipped with a switched 18 VDC output to power the Stacked LNB, eliminating the need for any additional power source and can be cascaded up to five amplifiers for long runs.

Another HOT FIFTY product is the LDB -16 Distribution Box; equipped with both Satellite and Off -Air Antenna inputs. The DA -2050 Distribution Amplifier in the box amplifies the stacked signal
which is combined with a passive off -air signal, then the combined signals are split to16 outputs.
When installed together the SK -0203 Stacked LNB and the LDB -16 Satellite Distribution Box provide for a user friendly installation process.

About PACE Electronics

PACE Electronics, headquartered in Rochester, MN has 50 employees and offers programming support for DIRECTV, including support for about 750 operators and service based companies that market and install DIRECTV satellite services in apartment complexes. PACE locations include Rochester MN, Minneapolis, MN, Buffalo NY, Pensacola, FL and a new location in Reno, NV. These 5 locations will cover the entire US and allow two -day shipping anywhere in the country.

About Winegard

Since 1954, Winegard has been an innovative leader in antenna design technology and manufacturing techniques, backed by outstanding service after the sale. The company covers every phase of design, testing, manufacturing, customized packaging, and processing of antennas. Winegard's products are built in the U.S. in their 250,000 square foot facility. The Company does almost everything in -house - Roll steel - Injection molding - Small and large press forms - E - coat and Powder coat. Equally important, the company builds electronic components and circuits, using their fully automated surface mount (pick and place) technology virtually eliminating the expense and poor quality associated with "hand placed electronic components".

Winegard remains committed to continuous improvement in the quality, cost and delivery of its products and services to effectively meet all of its' customer's needs. The Company currently designs and manufactures more than 1,000 different products in four product lines distributed in all states and worldwide, including:
• Satellite Antennas and Mounts: Residential antennas ranging in size from 46 cm to 1 meter, including mounts and accessories
• Mobile Television Reception Products: Recreational vehicle, truck, marine, and automotive applications. Satellite systems ranging from manual crank -up models to automatic satellite tracking systems with GPS/DVB. Off -air antennas including bi -directional and omni -directional VHF/UHF/FM antennas. Ground Antenna Mounts and Accessories.
• Off -Air Antennas: From DC to 5.8 gigs VHF/UHF/FM/AM Antenna Systems, Distribution and Preamplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories
• Telemetry: Medical and Data Antenna Systems, Distribution Amplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories.

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