Depth of International Music Information and Most Widely-Used Genre System Makes Gracenote CDDB® the Industry Standard for Music Recognition Services

Emeryville, California, (August 11, 2003) ­ Gracenote®, the worldwide leader in information services for digital music and media, today announced that the Gracenote CDDB® music recognition service now contains information on over 2 million CDs, further extending its position as the world¹s largest and most comprehensive music database. Due to its global popularity amongst over 30 million users in over 195 countries each month, Gracenote CDDB is the industry standard for music recognition and categorization in leading consumer electronics devices and online media players. In addition to the millions of devices and applications that access CDDB via the Internet, the service is increasingly available in off -line devices, making music information accessible wherever music is played. This is done by analyzing music based on regional popularity and creating geographically customized databases that are embedded directly onto device hard drives and updated locally.

"We challenge ourselves at Samsung to build devices that provide the greatest possible listening experience; Gracenote CDDB is critical to that goal," stated Kevin Kim, Manager of Digital Portable Devices, Samsung Global Marketing Team. "Gracenote is the only company that provides the breadth and accuracy of international music information that enables us to support the diversity of our global markets."

"Providing a combination of globally relevant music information and broadly -adopted genres is critical to consumer electronics manufacturers who need one solution to compete in multiple, varied markets," stated Craig Palmer, president and CEO of Gracenote. "Gracenote is the only company today that provides the combination of market -leading music recognition and management technology, the world¹s most comprehensive source of international music information, and all -encompassing technology solutions needed to build competitive products."

The Gracenote CDDB music recognition service is licensed to developers of software media players, encoders, catalogers and consumer electronics manufacturers. It enables developers to display artist, album and track name listings and other music -related information automatically in their applications, instead of the customary "disk, and track #", and provides simple, intuitive ways for users to categorize and access their music.

Gracenote CDDB® is the foundation for Gracenote Music Management System, including Gracenote MusicIDSM, Gracenote CleanSM, Gracenote PlaylistSM, Gracenote LinkSM and Gracenote EncodeSM; developed to provide a complete music listening experience in all music devices.

CDDB In Consumer Electronics Devices

The number of international developers adopting Gracenote technology has almost doubled in the last year, enabling significantly more people to enjoy benefits of the service, whether on their computers and portable mp3 players, or through hard drives in cars, home media servers, and an increasing number of wireless devices. As digital music devices become increasingly capable of holding massive music collections, they can now also become "smarter" by incorporating sections of the Gracenote CDDB database for offline music information.

Importance of Pairing Music Recognition with Genres:

Used in music devices and personal computers by tens of millions of people across the globe, Gracenote¹s genre classification system enables listeners to get the most out of their music collections by enabling them to automatically select the type of music they want to listen to, whether it¹s "Jazz", "Rock" or "Dance". Created using an analysis of user preferences combined with the expertise of Gracenote¹s music editorial team, Gracenote genre classifications enable developers to provide a tried -and -true list of music categories that simplify and enhance the user listening experience. Gracenote genre classifications also make it easy for users to organize and sort music, create customized playlists and discover new music, helping them enjoy the overwhelming amount of digital music now readily available. Additionally, by creating a flexible hierarchy of categories that match global listeners¹ tastes, developers are ensured of tools that can be customized for all of the markets they serve.

Benefits of an International Music Database:

Data submissions from artists, labels, and music fans from 195 countries around the world are processed by proprietary programmatic filters and heuristics to ensure the highest data quality standards. After this process, Gracenote¹s international editorial team adds their expertise to further refine the inputs across multiple languages and character sets. In addition to providing commercial music information, Gracenote¹s international submissions and editorial processes also provide the following user benefits:

… Listeners can use the service to get information on their own custom CD compilations, saving them hours of time inputting data whenever they use Gracenote -enabled devices.
… Information on popular CDs can be accessed in English or the appropriate language of the country where the music originated.
… Users of the database can access a complete catalog of essentially all CDs ever released, including both in - and out -of -print CDs; enabling them to both manage their existing collections and identify new music to expand their libraries.

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About Gracenote

Gracenote® is the worldwide leader in information services for digital music and media. Based in Emeryville, California, Gracenote provides integrated software and services for consumer electronics manufacturers and software developers.

Gracenote¹s information services are used by leading media players including AOL¹s Winamp, Apple¹s iTunes and RealNetworks RealOne Player; as well as leading consumer electronics manufacturers including Alpine, Clarion, D&M Holdings, Digion, Fujitsu Ten, JVC, Kenwood, Matsushita, Panasonic, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Yamaha. For more information about Gracenote, please go to

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