Panamax Leads at Power Systems World 2003

As part of Power Systems World 2003, the exhibition brings together world-renowned power quality leaders to discuss the business of power quality and the latest technologies for increasing power system reliability.

PETALUMA, CA - August 7, 2003 - Panamax, the leading manufacturer of power protection and conditioning products, announced its participation at Power Quality Exhibition and Conference 2003, which is held in conjunction with Power Electronics Technology on November 4 - 6, at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California. As part of Power Systems World 2003, the exhibition brings together world -renowned power quality leaders to discuss the business of power quality and the latest technologies for increasing power system reliability.

As one of these renowned power quality leaders, Dr. Richard L. Cohen who serves as vice president of new technology for Panamax, will represent the company, chairing a discussion on current power industry issues affecting the use of power products. He will also give a technical talk in contributing to the conference's goals of clarifying and improving solutions to managing power systems and ensuring their reliability.

"There have been a number of recent changes in the National Electrical Code and Underwriters Laboratories requirements that are causing some confusion in designing comprehensive power protection and conditioning," said Dr. Cohen. "My presentation will address how to best select and install surge protectors in light of these changes. I'll also cover the coming amendments to UL standards for creating lightning protection systems and how to design such systems once the new rules are effected."

Dr. Richard L. Cohen will also lead a conference session on the diagnosis and cure of power quality problems. The session aims to inform attendees on the variety of factors that interfere with pure power, from more widely understood problems like thunderstorms to lesser -known disturbances like electrical utility grid fluctuations and RF distortion. The presentation will then cover the best tools and techniques to utilize in maintaining clean power and top system performance through such disturbances.

Dr. Cohen will present an informative talk PQT11D and will serve as the chairman for the PQT13 Technical Session. His schedule during Power Systems World 2003 is as follows:

Thursday, November 6, 2003 from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
PQT11D - Understanding New NEC and UL Requirements for AC Surge Arresters and Transient Voltage Surge Protectors (TVSS)

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has two categories of AC surge protectors listed, Surge Arresters and TVSS, under different standards. Until 2002, a very brief NEC Article 280 was the only guidance on installing "surge arresters." Installation was allowed anywhere in the building wiring system. The 2002 NEC has added Article 285, which has restrictions on where/how these 2 categories of protectors may be installed. (Basically, surge arresters are to be installed before the service disconnect; anything downstream from the service disconnect must be Listed as a TVSS.) This change has caused some major dislocations in long -established practices. One of the major solutions to deal with these overlapping rules is to use protectors, which have been "Dual Listed" - tested to meet the requirements of both standards.

UL 96A, the Standard for lightning protection (lightning rod) systems, also requires Surge Arresters to be installed at the service entrance for full certification of a building protection system. This area will also have a major dislocation with proposed changes to the NFPA 780 (Lightning Protection Systems) Standard in 2004.

This talk will cover the differences between the 2 protector categories, what is covered in the UL Standards, and the rationale behind these different requirements.

Thursday, November 6, 2003 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
PQT13 - Technical Sessions - Case Studies from Manufacturing Applications

The increased presence of factory data networks, computer -controlled machinery, and ASDs has led to an enormous increase in manufacturing versatility and reduction in costs. However, these complex automated factories are vulnerable to power quality disturbances, grounding problems, and electrical interference. Unfortunately, very little in the formal electrical engineering course material prepares engineers for dealing with this kind of problem. Thus, discussion of specific cases, and ways that the problems have been fixed, can be very effective at helping understand and solve your own knotty problems. This session will present a good opportunity to discuss the diagnosis and cure of power quality problems on the factory floor.

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Panamax - The Industry's Leader in Innovation and Technology

Panamax has been the premier power -conditioning manufacturer in the consumer electronics industry for over 25 years. Panamax has a staff of 5 full -time research & development specialists, and has introduced many technological innovations to the power -conditioning product arena. Dr. Richard L. Cohen, Vice President for New Technology, participates in the UL advisory group that sets standards for surge protectors, and is leading an IEEE surge protection working group to write a guide for lightning protection for residential electronics. Partly because of these relationships, Panamax products already meet new UL surge protector requirements that will go into effect in November 2003. Panamax also has a high -power test laboratory that is certified by CSA to perform agency testing, and has drawn on an unparalleled understanding of surge protection to create the finest power -conditioning products available in the market today.

About Panamax

For over 25 years, Panamax has specialized in producing the most innovative power -conditioning products available to protect home and small business electronics equipment from damage caused by power surges and lightning. The company's extensive line of award -winning power conditioners is designed to safeguard a wide array of electrical equipment including computers, telephone systems, copiers, domestic appliances, home theater and direct broadcast satellite systems. Panamax is ISO 9001 certified and markets its line of power conditioners throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. The company has earned numerous industry awards, and is backed by outstanding customer service and the best warranties the industry has to offer.

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