AKCP Inc. joins hands with M -PLIFY S.A.

AKCP Inc. - the world leader in SNMP based remote monitoring products - has joined hands with Luxembourg based M-PLIFY to announce the integration of sensorProbe™ with AlarmTILT!

AKCP Inc. - the world leader in SNMP based remote monitoring products - has joined hands with Luxembourg based M -PLIFY to announce the integration of sensorProbe™ with AlarmTILT! The two companies also took this opportunity to announce the launch of their common distribution efforts as well.

AKCP designs, develops and manufactures low -cost SNMP based environment monitoring devices, renowned the world over under the brand name of sensorProbe. These devices have an embedded web server and connect to the Network Management Systems (NMS) through the Ethernet. Whnever there is a change in the environment an alert, either as an e -mail, SMS message or SNMP trap is sent out.

This is where M -PLIFY's AlarmTILT! comes into the picture. AlarmTILT! is a unified incident management solution for any critical technical or environmental systems that helps businesses to reduce operating costs and to increase the quality of service by reacting in the very early stage to arising problems. It is designed to enable easy sending of alerts to mobile phones, PCs and PDAs. The alerts are sent to site administrators and are easily manageable through a convenient online administration tool. This allows coherent documention, trace and log incidents.

Speaking about the integration, Mr. Prakash Marar, Director - Marketing, AKCP says, "I liked AlarmTILT!'s ease -of -use and it fits -in very well with our product portfolio. Our clients don't need to change anything and can extend the features of the sensorProbe products easily. Additionally, this tie -up also allows us to add further mobile applications to our product suite in the days to come. I must say that both our companies have worked very hard to make this integration as smooth as possible."

Hubert Schumacher, CEO of M -PLIFY readily agrees. Speaking about the tie -up, he says, "We are very proud to enter into this technology partnership with AKCP. AKCP Inc. is the leader in the field of low -cost, environmental, security and power sensors for server rooms and other mission critical installations. Their sensors are technologically ahead of the competition and the integration with our AlarmTILT! will only serve to build on the core competencies of two leaders. We firmly believe that our products complement each other very well and optimally satisfy an expressed need of our customers."

As a result of this integration, AKCP has certified and will start recommending AlarmTILT! to its clients and established reseller network. In addition, M -PLIFY will begin distributing the sensorProbe range in the Benelux region.. Ultimately though, it is the customer who is going to benefit from this coming together of technology and value -for -money.

About AKCP
AKCP was established in 1981. Their focus on SNMP based network management has led to a family of computerized environmental monitoring devices. Now the world leader in the SNMP based remote monitoring with over 3,500 installation, AKCP was the first in the industry to offer low cost SNMP based environment monitoring. AKCP, a global company with R&D offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Bangalore, India, continues to lead through its extensive research efforts.

About M -PLIFY
Founded in 2000, M -PLIFY is a wireless technology company focused on critical communication applications with operations in Luxembourg, Belgium and Canada. M -PLIFY develops applications for the IT sector and the pharmaceutical sector. The company has agreements with mobile operators around the world and its fully redundant 'm3p' mobile notification platform is built to handle highly critical messaging solutions, covering more than 500 mobile networks.

For additional information please visit www.akcpinc.com, www.alarmtilt.com and www.m -plify.com

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