Tele Eye Brings you to Home Away from Home

All thanks to the power of Tele Eye III+ Video Recording Transmitter connecting to 7 cameras which are installed respectively in the reception area, main and rear entrance, café and exit door

Holidaying on a budget does not mean you cannot make stylish and comfortable arrangements. You can do that ideally with Perak Lodge. Increasing attention is paid to Perak Lodge guests from every walk of life who are here in a perfect 'oasis' to relax from the bustling city life and the hectic excursion trips. Hence, providing the guests with a warm and cozy hospitality stay is definitely inevitable in this highly competitive hospitality industry. The essence is to provide Perak Lodge guests a feel of "home away from home".

How does Perak Lodge ensure their guests' stay a wonderful one? All thanks to the power of Tele Eye III+ Video Recording Transmitter (model: VR -8084) connecting to 7 cameras which are installed respectively in the reception area, main and rear entrance, café and exit door. Tele Eye III+ VR enables remote video monitoring which succors in better management of the Lodge and provides a clean environment with friendly hospitality service.

The owner of Perak Lodge, Mrs KC Tong, can view the daily operations remotely through Broadband Internet for on -site supervision at the comfort of her home with no travel needs. If Mrs Tong sees any problems, she can rectify that immediately by calling the Lodge supervisor for assistance. Tele Eye III+ VR displays real -time video images of the guest flow and the security of the premises, hence enabling Mrs Tong to have an all -rounded vision of the premises. TeleEye III+ VR can store videos of all the daily operations for later retrieval. With the potent features of Tele Eye III+ VR as part of the hospitality technology and a dedicated Perak Lodge team, your stay in Perak Lodge will definitely be pampered.

Perak Lodge is a private run guesthouse in Little India of Singapore, providing guests with a homely atmosphere. It is recommended by leading travel information providers such as The Independent, and the Lonely Planet as among the best budget hotels in the world.

About TeleEye Group
TeleEye Group (the Group) was founded in 1994 by the City University of Hong Kong and a group of engineering researchers. It is principally engaged in the development, sales and marketing of innovative products that make use of advanced signal processing technologies. The Group has rapidly grown to become a dynamic and leading world -class supplier of remote visual management systems with extensive application in various industries. The Group currently has 4 branch offices in Japan, Singapore, the U.K. and China. Moreover, the Group has an extensive distribution network of more than 100 local dealers and overseas distributors covering 23 countries worldwide. TeleEye Holdings Limited (SEHK:8051) was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) in The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

About TeleEye (S) Pte Ltd
The establishment of TeleEye (S) Pte Ltd is a joint venture of TeleEye Group and Telecam Holdings Pte Ltd. The setup aims at expanding the marketing and sales of TeleEye remote visual management systems to cater the remote monitoring needs of customers in Singapore as well as the Southeast Asia. Some of the major clients include Natsteel Ltd, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore Polytechnic, Land Transport Authority, Cortina Holdings Ltd, Nu Skin Enterprises, etc.

About TeleEye Products
TeleEye Group offers a wide range of remote visual management systems with extensive application in various industries under well -established "TeleEye" and "CAMERIO" brand names. Its product series include:
- TeleEye III+ Network CCTV
- TeleEye III+ VT Series - A cost effective video transmitter for remote video viewing
- TeleEye III+ VR Series - A full triplex operating system with built -in hard drive for video recording, remote video viewing and playback
- TeleEye III+ VX Series - An all -in -one video recording transmitter with dual composite video outputs and removable hard drive for standalone and remote operations
- TeleEye III+ Network Camera
- TeleEye III+ NF610 - A cost effective network camera for video surveillance
- TeleEye Pro - High speed phone line CCTV system with a maximum frame refreshing rate of 10fps at 33.6kbps
- CAMERIO TeleEAR - Multiplexes video and audio data and transmit over a single communication channel
- TeleEye M -monitoring Solution - Gets remote video with a Pocket PC anywhere and anytime
- TeleEye III+ Multi -site Network Monitoring Solution - Receives video from up to 16 locations or cameras through LAN or Internet for monitoring and recording.
- Cyber TeleEye Web Video Solution - Adds live video on users' existing web pages and distributes video to numerous Internet users.

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Video Mount Products IWB-1B In-Wall Box

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