The Pragmatic TPA-Twisted pair audio system has enhanced the musical water show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas with incredible sound quality

(Santa Clara, July 23, 2003) The Pragmatic TPA -Twisted pair audio system has enhanced the musical water show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas with incredible sound quality. Steve Burkholder, manager for the contracting company in Southern California, responsibles for Bellagio project summarizes: "The units (TPA) were very reasonably priced and in stock. We used them to run quality audio for 600 feet, and had no problems with the quality or connections."

Based on Pragmatic's proprietary SuperTranZ(tm) circuitry, the TPA transmits very high quality audio on standard category 3 or category 5 wires up to 3000 ft. and eliminates ground loops, distortion, and interference that normally plague other methods. Within the 3000 ft. run of cat5 wires, many TPA receivers can be daisy chained for distributing the same high quality music, without any degradation. The TPA units offer the best, and most economical solution for signal distribution over cat5 wires.

This is an excellent solution for sending a high -quality line level signal to powered speakers throughout a building, a restaurant, a shopping center, stadium, outdoor events, temporary stage settings, or any other application that requires transmission of high quality line -level signals over long distances on twisted pair wires. The TPA design provides important advantages over conventional technology by improving signal quality at a nominal cost. The TPA receiver can be mated to any self -powered speaker that accepts a line -level input.

Pragmatic's TPA transmitter and receiver units are housed in compact brushed -aluminum black -anodized boxes (very small, just 2 1/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch) for high impact and rugged usage. With the standard RJ45 connectors, they are easy to use with plug -and -play simplicity.

Pragmatic has been in business since 1994, and has cultivated a diverse technology base with emphasis on innovative audio and video distributions systems. Pragmatic is mostly known for their revolutionary product CATS(tm) that transmits studio quality stereo audio, professional quality video and control signals over one cat5 cable.

In addition to CATS(tm), Pragmatic also manufactures studio -quality amplifiers, tuners, wired and wireless A/V products. Pragmatic constantly adjusts and improves its products to stay one step ahead of the customer's needs. For additional information, please contact James Davidson at 408 735 0300 or email sales@wireless Alternatively, please visit the company web site www.wireless

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