Nordic VLSI 2.4GHz System -on -Chip devices nRF24E1™ and nRF24E2™

Supported by Keil Software C51 mVision2 IDE development tools - providing customers with a professional tools suite.

NORWAY (July 7th) - Nordic VLSI today announced that the two new leading System on Chip components - the nRF24E1™ transceiver and nRF24E2™ transmitter are supported by the Keil Software C51 tools suite. The Keil Software C51 mVision2 IDE development tools support the on -chip 8051 MCU core of the nRF24E1™ transceiver and nRF24E2™ transmitter, as well as standard MCU peripherals.

The C51 tools from Keil Software are delivered in different packages, and covers all aspects of professional software debugging with features like:

· mVision2 IDE - for project management, editor and integrated utilities
· C51 ANSI C compiler
· Macro Assembler
· Linker
· mVision2 Debugger/simulator -source -level, symbolic simulation and target debugging with breakpoints
· ISD51 In system Debugger - Using the on chip UART of the nRF24E1 and nRF24E2 to permit real -time program execution, single stepping, multiple software breakpints and access to all memory spaces including CPU registers and SFR's. ISD51 is a 530byte SW module which is linked with the application

A free evaluation version of the Keil Software mVision2 can be downloaded from Keil Software:

The nRF24E1™ and nRF24E2™ integrates the most sophisticated low cost 2.4GHz ISM wireless components with with the industry standard 8051 MCU core, feature rich ADC and leading peripherals. This is the worlds first complete low cost System on Chip (SoC) RF IC's for global 2.4GHz operation. The new components from Nordic VLSI ASA, are delivered in a 6x6mm package, require extremely few components, work over the industrial temperature range from 1.9 to 3.6V. and have included all the great benefits of the nRF2401/02, such as ShockBurst™, DuoCeiver™, on -chip CRC and address decoding. The nRF24E1™ and nRF24E2™ is well suited in wireless applications where the superior integration can be used to enhance performance, shorten development time and lower system cost whilst providing global approval with 2.4GHz technology. Examples well suited for the devices are wireless mouse and keyboards, wireless handsfree sets, sports and leisure equipment, toys, RF -ID, remote controls and industrial sensor applications.

Facts about Nordic VLSI ASA
Founded in 1983, Nordic VLSI is one of the leading European independent IC design houses developing, producing and delivering state -of -the -art integrated circuits for customers world wide. All operations are managed according to an ISO9001 approved quality assurance system. Nordic VLSI is also listed at the Norwegian stock exchange.

Facts about Keil Software
Keil Software develops, manufactures, and distributes embedded software development tools for 8051, 251, and C166/ST10 microcontroller families. They provide ANSI C compilers, Macro Assemblers, real -time executives, debuggers and simulators, integrated environments, and evaluation boards.Keil Software was founded in 1986 to market add -on products for the development tools provided by many of the silicon vendors Today, Keil has become the world's leading developer of Embedded Systems Software providing a broad range of development tools for the embedded systems marketplace. The products include ANSI C compilers, macro assemblers, debuggers, linkers, library managers, and real -time operating systems. Products such as these have helped Keil become the world's leading developer of Embedded Systems Software.

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