New Motorola Chip Delivers Stereo Sound to TVs

First Single-Chip TV Stereo Encoder Solves Entertainment Industry Problem

CHANDLER, Ariz., July 16 /PRNewswire -FirstCall/ - - Motorola, Inc.'s (NYSE: MOT) Semiconductor Products Sector has launched the industry's first single -chip, Multi -Channel Television Sound (MTS) stereo audio encoder designed to allow consumers to enjoy high -fidelity stereo and surround sound more easily on their televisions. The MC44C401 is a CMOS implementation of an advanced Broadcast Television Systems Committee (BTSC) compatible stereo encoder for manufacturers of set top boxes, VCRs, DVD players/recorders and other consumer electronics.

This product solves an existing problem for entertainment providers, equipment manufacturers, and ultimately consumers. Until today, delivering high -fidelity stereo sound over a simple RF coaxial cable was too expensive. Since the majority of consumers rely on this method of interconnect, they had to settle for "mono" quality sound.

"This chip is designed to provide a cost -effective means of delivering high -fidelity stereo sound through a single RF coaxial cable," stated Mike Shaw vice president of sales and marketing for CE Labs, a manufacturer of commercial audio modulating equipment, whose CEX(TM) digital audio processing engine is at the heart of the MC44C401. "Most people don't realize what kind of sound is out there and how to get the best sound with the equipment they have. Even older stereo television sets can provide an exhilarating audio experience if they are fed the right signals."

Compelling Feature Set
The MC44C401 is engineered to offer the end user with a simple connection to high fidelity stereo sound. The digital audio processing engine used in the MC44C401 preserves the full fidelity of surround sound and other audio coding schemes while ensuring that overall system performance is not impacted by copy protection technologies.

In addition, the MC44C401 is designed to provide equipment manufacturers with several cost benefits including the elimination of manual alignment of filters, phase controls, and composite signal amplitude. By far, the most compelling cost/benefit features are the integrated analog -to -digital input circuitry, the digital -to -analog output circuitry and the sync separator. These features alone can help to reduce the cost of a typical system by as much as an estimated $8.00 (USD). The encoder boasts a high over sampling rate of 187.5 KHz, which is up to four times greater than an industry standard CD player.

"We're excited to be the first retailer to offer a product containing the new Motorola chip, enabling us to deliver an innovative solution to a common dilemma faced by our customers," stated Bob Kilinski, senior vice president,
Connecting Places Strategic Business Unit, RadioShack Corporation (NYSE: RSH)."This product, a unique and stylish home entertainment video accessory, arriving in our stores now, makes it simple to connect two stereo digital devices such as DVD players, video game systems, and satellite TV receivers to any stereo TV lacking sufficient input jacks and receive true stereo sound."

"This product fits perfectly with our mission to demystify technology for every household in America and satisfies a need that exists with our customers," he continued. "It also represents a great value with a huge performance increase in a product category for which we are already the number one provider at retail. In addition, we can tap into this chip technology to design and build other high -performance, cost -effective, advanced consumer electronic products in a significantly reduced timeframe."

The MC44C401 complements Motorola's industry -leading family of RF modulator (MC44C37x family) integrated circuits (ICs) by providing a simple, passive interface to the RF modulator IC. The combination of the MC44C401 and a MC44C37x IC provides a comprehensive solution for delivering high -quality video and stereo audio over a single RF coaxial cable.

"This part further demonstrates Motorola's continued commitment to providing solutions that enable our customers to provide cost -effective features that end users demand," said Tom Gunter, general manager of Motorola's Network and Communications Systems Division. "Motorola prides itself on technology innovations that make a real difference in our customers' solutions."

Price and Availability
General sampling of the MC44C401 has begun and production orders are being taken now. The suggested resale price for the MC44C401 is $4.25 (USD) in quantities of 100,000.

MC44C401 Stereo Encoder Data Sheet
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