Wide Range of Home Theater and Stereo Models Feature Advanced Technologies, Elegant Styling and Attractive Pricing

WOODBURY, NY - Infinity Systems has redefined high -performance loudspeaker value with the introduction of its Primus Series loudspeakers. The Primus Series incorporates Infinity's new

Metal Matrix Diaphragm™ (MMD™) driver technology to deliver superb sound quality at extremely attractive price points. Comprising six elegantly styled models and a home theater package, Primus makes it easier than ever for home theater enthusiasts and music lovers to enjoy the sonic clarity and realism that is the hallmark of every Infinity product.

Eli Harary, Infinity Brand Manager, noted, "Today's consumers want more value and performance than ever before from their home entertainment loudspeakers - and Infinity is meeting the demand with the Primus Series. Primus is the first Infinity line to incorporate our new MMD drivers, which provide a level of sound quality simply not available before at these price points. In addition, its attractive design perfectly complements any home entertainment system and room décor."

Models in the Infinity Primus Series lineup include the following:

Primus 140 2 -way bookshelf (3/4 -inch tweeter, 4 -inch woofer), SRP: $89/each
Primus 150 2 -way bookshelf (3/4 -inch tweeter, 5 -1/4 -inch woofer), SRP: $99/each
Primus 160 2 -way bookshelf (3/4 -inch tweeter, 6 -1/2 -inch woofer), SRP: $129/each
Primus 250 2 -1/2 -way floorstanding (3/4 -inch tweeter, dual 5 -1/4 -inch woofers), SRP: $229/each
Primus 360 3 -way floorstanding (3/4 -inch tweeter, 3 -inch midrange, dual 6 -1/2 -inch woofers), SRP: $329/each
Primus C25 center channel speaker (3/4 -inch tweeter, dual 5 -1/4 -inch woofers), SRP: $199/each
Primus Theater Pack (four 2 -way satellites with 3/4 -inch tweeter and 4 -inch woofer; 2 -way center channel speaker with 3/4 -inch tweeter and dual 4 -inch woofers), SRP: $449/system

Metal Matrix Diaphragm Technology: A Price/Performance Breakthrough

All Infinity Primus Series models - tweeters, midrange drivers and woofers - incorporate Infinity's newly developed MMD technology. Derived from the company's patented Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD™) technology, MMD drivers offer significantly improved performance compared to those made of conventional cone materials. MMD driver cones are manufactured by anodizing both sides of an aluminum core to a controlled thickness, producing low -mass highly rigid driver diaphragms that operate with greatly reduced distortion and cone breakup, along with outstanding transient response, resolution and smoothness throughout their frequency range. Each tweeter, midrange unit and woofer is optimized for its particular application, with internal resonances virtually eliminated within each driver's frequency range to achieve maximum sonic clarity.

In common with all Infinity loudspeakers, Primus Series models are designed utilizing the company's room -friendly design principles, which ensure that they will provide sonically accurate performance in the widest variety of listening environments and placement positions. All tweeters are mounted in a specially shaped recessed waveguide that provides precise imaging, even frequency response and controlled directivity over a wide listening area.

All models have been designed with improved sensitivity to deliver satisfying volume levels and excellent dynamic range even when using lower powered receivers, and all models, including the Primus C25 center channel, are voice -matched to create a seamless, coherent soundfield in any multichannel or stereo configuration, with any combination of loudspeakers.

Primus loudspeakers are built to the high -quality standards of all Infinity products. Primus enclosures are rigidly braced to minimize unwanted internal resonances, with crossover components selected for best sound quality. All models feature heavy -duty gold -plated binding posts for secure connection and easy setup, and are video -shielded. Primus loudspeakers are finished in black ash, with complementing black grilles, and also look striking with their grilles off, thanks to their rich silver trim and silver speaker cones.

Infinity Primus loudspeakers will be available in July 2003.

Following is a brief look at models in the Infinity Primus Series:

Primus 360: Top -of -the -Line -Loudspeaker Performance for Home Theater and Music

The three -way floorstanding Infinity Primus 360 is the top of the line of the Primus Series, and delivers expansive sound quality that conveys movies and music with thrilling power and authority. With a suggested retail price of just $329 each, the Primus 360 is the ideal way to step up to true high -quality home theater and music reproduction at far less cost than that of competitive loudspeakers in its class. Measuring 39" high by 8 -1/4" wide by 13" deep, the Primus 360 features a 3/4 -inch MMD tweeter, a 4 -inch MMD midrange driver and dual 6 -1/2 -inch MMD woofers, to deliver exceptional resolution, imaging and dynamic impact. Its open, detailed high frequencies, rich, musical midrange, articulate bass and 93dB sensitivity make it the perfect loudspeaker for a wide variety of home entertainment systems, including larger systems, where full -range sound quality at real -life volume levels is desired.

Primus 250: Exceptional Sonic Realism in an Elegant Tower Design

The Infinity Primus 250 (SRP: $229 each) 2 -1/2 -way floorstanding tower provides much of the large scale yet refined sound quality of the Primus 360, thanks to its 3/4 -inch MMD tweeter and dual 5 -1/4 -inch MMD woofers housed in an enclosure measuring 35 -1/2" high by 7 -3/8" wide by 11 -3/4" deep. The Primus 250's 92dB sensitivity, wide frequency response and sonic clarity enable it to reproduce movie soundtracks and today's high -resolution digital music sources with exceptional realism in a broad range of systems including larger home theater installations.

Primus Bookshelf Loudspeakers: Premium Sound, Where Space Is at a Premium

Infinity's Primus 160 (SRP: $129 each), Primus 150 (SRP: $99 each) and Primus 140 (SRP: $89 each)
2 -way bookshelf monitors are designed for home theater and music systems where space is limited, yet top -quality sound is desired. All three models utilize MMD drivers exclusively to deliver the same clear, richly detailed, musical sound quality as the larger Primus models. Ranging in size from the Primus 160's 14 -1/2" high by 8 -1/4" wide by 11" deep (3/4 -inch tweeter, 6 -1/2 -inch woofer) to the compact 9 -5/8" by 5 -15/16" by 6 -13/16" Primus 140 (3/4 -inch tweeter, 4 -inch woofer), all three magnetically shielded models are suitable for use in a wide range of listening environments and placement positions, including on stands or shelves. The Primus 140 and Primus 150 models include keyhole mounts to facilitate wall -mounting, and the Primus 140 also incorporates 1/4" -20 threaded inserts for use with third -party wall -mounting brackets.

Primus Theater Pack: Exceptional Home Theater Value and Performance

The Primus Theater Pack makes great sounding home theater easy and affordable. The package comprises four Primus 140 2 -way satellites and a compact center channel specially designed to complement the satellites visually as well as sonically. At a suggested retail price of just $449, the Primus Theater Pack is an outstanding system for everyone seeking top -quality home theater surround sound in a value -priced package.

Infinity PS Series Subwoofers: The Ideal Match to the Primus Series

All Infinity Primus Series loudspeakers, including the Primus Theater Pack, can be mated with one of three new Infinity PS Series powered subwoofers: the PS -8 (8 -inch woofer, 100 watts, SRP: $299), PS -10
(10 -inch woofer, 250 watts, SRP: $399) or PS -12 (12 -inch woofer, 300 watts, SRP: $499). PS Series models are designed to perfectly complement Primus Series loudspeakers, sonically and in appearance, to create a complete 5.1 -, 6.1 -or 7.1 -channel home theater system according to room size and listening requirements. All PS Series subwoofers utilize MMD woofers, advanced -technology amplifiers and tuned enclosures to deliver tight, extended low -frequency response, and feature continuously variable crossover frequency and level controls, a phase switch and an LFE (low -frequency effects) input to precisely optimize their performance in any home theater system and room.

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homes and automobiles, and with computers. The group's brands include JBL, Infinity, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, Revel, Proceed, Audioaccess and Lexicon.

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