Innovative HSU Surround System to Hit the Market in September

In September 2003, audio manufacturer HSU Research releases their latest innovation, the 220 HSU Ventriloquist system.

In September 2003, audio manufacturer HSU Research releases their latest innovation, the 220 HSU Ventriloquist system. The surround sound packages include the patent pending VC -8 center channels and micro VS -2 satellites that solve home theater's "dirty little secret". The secret being that micro satellites suffer from a gaping hole in the frequency response from 200 Hz and down. The hole can make male vocals, movies, and concerts sound distant and thin. This is perhaps the most serious complaint about micro satellite systems to date. HSU Research addresses the issue with the VC -8 center channel's unique Ventriloquist effect. The VC -8 center uses bigger woofers to handle the small satellite's lower midrange, elegantly sidestepping the problem while maintaining a wide, balanced soundstage.

Sound & Vision columnist Professor Ken Pohlmann complained about home theater's little secret in the April 2003 Sound & Vision: "Small cabinets without real woofers simply cannot reproduce the all -important bottom end of classical music. The gap between the subwoofer's upper limits and where the satellites give up the ghost cuts out the balls of Beethoven, the warmth of Brahms, the power of Wagner."

Combined with famous HSU research subwoofers, the new HSU Ventriloquist system produces accurate full frequency audio. Listening tests over the past 6 months have generated a following for this system. If your friends bought an expensive home theater system recently, you may not want to play this new system for them - -it may lead to buyer's remorse!

HSU STF subwoofers will offer a big bang for the buck

Also coming in September, HSU Research will unveil three new low cost subwoofers that will be sold in packages with the Ventriloquist 5. "Ever since we introduced our extremely well reviewed variable tuning VTF subwoofers, people have been asking why we don't make less expensive single tuning versions," said Sales Manager Sasha Goodman. "Not everyone needs the level of customization the VTF series offers." According to Sasha, what makes the new single tuning STF subwoofers unique is what you get for the price: subsonic filtering, unique and purpose built matching of driver and amp, a sixth order vented design, improved flared ports, drivers with tight cone control (i.e. low Q), high quality crossover sections for stereo -only systems, spiked feet, specially designed high power BASH amps, auto -on disablement, binding posts, phase switches, fuses, detachable IEC power cords, and chromed switches.

STF subwoofers will include the 330 STF -8 with an eight inch driver, the 440 STF -10 with a ten inch driver, and the 610 STF -12 with a 12 inch driver. The 12 inch STF -12 will have the same woofer design as the VTF -3 and a higher powered amplifier. The VTF -3 recently received the 2003 Editor's Choice Gold Award from Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, and was decreed the "current champ of the low -priced super subwoofer class" by Howard Ferstler in the Audiophile Voice. The 10 inch STF -10 will have the same woofer design as the VTF -2 and a higher powered amplifier. The VTF -2 received the Reviewer's Choice Award 2000 from Sound & Vision and a Class A rating in the Stereophile Guide to Home Theater.

About HSU Research, Inc.

HSU Research started in 1991 as an innovator in tube subwoofer technology. Led by Dr. Hsu, who received his doctorate from MIT, the company's tubular cabinets with extra long ports broke home audio conventions and offered the consumer an unparalleled bang for the buck. Today, Dr. Hsu spends his time personally consulting with customers and designing audio technology that truly works. Honest engineering, exceptional sound quality, low prices, and high quality craftsmanship are what HSU Research is about. Since 1991 we've made "True Subwoofers". Phone: 1 -714 -666 -9260.

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