Three New PS Series Models Feature Exclusive MMD™ Driver Technology For Extended, Accurate Low-Frequency Reproduction

WOODBURY, NY - Infinity Systems today announced the introduction of its PS Series powered subwoofers, three advanced -technology models that set new benchmarks in high -performance subwoofer value. The PS -8, PS -10 and PS -12 incorporate the company's new Metal Matrix Diaphragm™ (MMD™) driver technology, powerful built -in amplifiers and additional refinements to deliver clear, articulate and dynamic bass in home theater and music systems.

Eli Harary, Infinity Brand Manager, noted, "Outstanding bass reproduction has always been an Infinity hallmark, and our PS Series makes the low -frequency accuracy and musicality that Infinity is known for more affordable than ever before. PS Series subwoofers are ideal for adding the heightened sonic realism and impact of extended low -frequency response to a home entertainment system, and are the perfect match to our Primus Series and Infinity Alpha Series home theater and stereo loudspeakers."

Infinity PS Series subwoofer models include the following:

PS -8 subwoofer (8 -inch woofer, 100 watts), SRP: $299/each
PS -10 subwoofer (10 -inch woofer, 250 watts), SRP: $399/each
PS -12 subwoofer (12 -inch woofer, 300 watts), SRP: $499/each

Exclusive MMD Technology for Powerful, Refined Bass Performance

All Infinity PS Series woofers utilize Infinity's newly developed MMD technology for exceptionally accurate and detailed low -frequency performance. Derived from the company's patented Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD™) technology, MMD drivers offer significantly improved performance compared to those made of conventional cone materials. MMD driver cones are manufactured by anodizing both sides of an aluminum core to a controlled thickness, producing low -mass highly rigid driver diaphragms that operate with greatly reduced distortion and cone breakup, along with outstanding transient response, resolution and smoothness throughout their frequency range. Each woofer is designed to shift its internal resonances beyond its operating frequency range to achieve maximum sonic clarity.

The innovative MMD woofers are complemented by powerful built -in amplifiers that combine high power output with high efficiency, optimized to each PS Series model's woofer and enclosure. The PS -8, PS -10 and PS -12 all feature front -firing woofer designs and tuned, ported enclosures to achieve maximum volume output and deep bass from compact enclosures that can easily be placed in a wide range of room locations. The PS -12 delivers extended low -frequency response all the way down to 25Hz, while the PS -10 and PS -8 provide bass down to 27Hz and 35Hz (below the lowest note of an electric or acoustic bass), respectively.
All Infinity PS Series subwoofers include continuously variable crossover frequency and level controls, a phase switch, and LFE (low -frequency effects), line -level and speaker -level inputs to precisely optimize their performance in any multichannel home theater or music system and their placement within the room. PS Series enclosures are braced to minimize unwanted internal resonances.

PS Series subwoofers are finished in black ash, with complementing black grilles, and make an elegant visual statement even with their grilles off, thanks to their rich -silver front bezels and matching silver speaker cones.

Infinity PS Series subwoofers will be available in July 2003.

PS Series: The Perfect Complement to the Infinity Primus Series and Infinity Alpha Series

Infinity PS Series subwoofers are the ideal complement to the company's Infinity Primus Series and Infinity Alpha Series loudspeakers in a complete 5.1 -, 6.1 - or 7.1 -channel music and home theater system. PS Series subwoofers are designed to match sonically with all Infinity Primus Series and Infinity Alpha Series models to create an expansive, full -range multichannel sonic environment. The subwoofers are available in three different sizes to accommodate every room size and listening requirement.

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