Homega Research is proud today to announce the support of Net-atHome2003 (Oct. 27 to 31) by the European Commission DG InfSo (Directorate General Information Society).

Homega Research is proud today to announce the support of Net -atHome2003 (Oct. 27 to 31) by the European Commission DG InfSo (Directorate General Information Society). Yearly produced by Homega Research, Net -atHome will this year again be hosted on the French Riviera (Sofitel Royal Casino Hotel, Cannes Mandelieu).

The European Commission will be involved in many aspects of the event:

- Mr. Frans De Bruine, Director at DG InfSo, will participate in the opening session of the Net -atHome2003 Conference (Oct. 30), a session where eminent speakers share their knowledge and vision, providing their own insights into current developments and putting the thematic sessions to be followed into perspective.

- Many leading projects funded by the European Commission (as part of the "IST Program) in the field of the Connected Home, will present contributions during the thematic Sessions of the Conference, in particular within Session 2 that will be chaired by Mr Augusto Albuquerque, head of the DG Infso Unit "Networked AV Systems and Home Platforms"

- Many of these IST projects will also enjoy high visibility in a dedicated area of the Net -atHome Exhibition

- A "Concertation Meeting", to be held on October 30, will also provide opportunities for all organizations involved in these IST projects to meet, share their visions and further develop cooperation activities between them.

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About the IST Program of the European Commission
European research activities are structured around consecutive four -year programmes, or so -called Framework Programmes. The Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) sets out the priorities - including the IST Priority - for the European Union's research, technological development and demonstration (RTD) activities for the period 2003 -2006. These priorities have been identified on the basis of a set of common criteria reflecting the major concerns of increasing industrial competitiveness and the quality of life for European citizens in a global information society. This is elaborated upon in the Information Society Directorate -Generalıs (DG) mission statement. The Information Society Directorate -General of the European Commission is playing a key role in implementing the ³vision² set by Europe's heads of state in Lisbon, 2000: to make Europe the world's most competitive and dynamic economy, characterised by sustainable growth, more and better jobs and greater social cohesion, by 2010. As set out in the eEurope action plan, this will require advanced and easily accessible Information Society technologies to permeate throughout European business and society.

The Directorate -General therefore:
- stimulates research into Information Society technologies which can be integrated into the citizenıs everyday environment, business and administration;
- has established and is maintaining a framework of regulation designed to generate competition and stimulate the development of applications and content;
- supports initiatives that encourage and enable all European citizens to benefit from, and participate in, the Information Society.

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About Net -atHome2003
Now in its 6th Year, Net -atHome - the premier & largest Conference & Exhibition in its field in Europe - is breaking new ground by hosting a Whole Week Dedicated to the Connected Home Markets - Cannes (French Riviera) from October 27 to 31, 2003
- October 27 to 29: A 3 -day business & technology tour to the most innovative and successful pilot programs in Europe
- October 29: An intensive & comprehensive pre -conference workshop assessing the state -of -the -art and perspectives for the European, Asian and North -American markets
- October 30 & 31: The premier & largest Conference & Exhibition in Europe covering Technologies & Services for the Home
Interested in Sponsorship Opportunities? In attending? Contact us before September 10 and benefit from reduced fee.

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About Homega Research
Homega Research is the Division of Sigma Consultants specialized in the field of Technologies and Services for the home. It has developed its activities from the expertise and experience Sigma has acquired in this domain since the company's creation in 1984. Homega Research is proud to have succeeded in building a long -standing reputation for quality, efficiency and professionalism for all its services: technology assessment, market research, and business events.

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