Digiticians' Kicks off Enhanced Partner Program with 18 Partners

Establishes the foundation of an online business services network for small business

Waltham, MA (July 29, 2003) - The Digiticians, a leading provider of web -based outsourced computer and network support services to users worldwide, today announced the launch of its enhanced Partnership Program with 18 partners already signed up. The program allows business service professionals to profit from offering online computer support in tandem with their complimentary offerings.

The Digiticians has built a Partnership Program designed to provide access to multiple online and offline business products and services that are in high demand by small business owners. Specifically focused on companies that offer mission critical outsource business services delivered through the Internet, the Digitician Partner Program is building the foundation of a network of providers to meet the changing needs of small business throughout the world.

Partners include TriNet, eCratchit, Veroxity, Better Cost Control, Boston Professional Group, Start -a -Business.com, US Registered Agents, PCHomeFix, EdNet, Barbara Brabec's World, International Business Company Formation, Inc., NextStage Solutions, Goin'SOHO!, CommunityWISP, Phoenix Rising Coaching, Vyctoria's Answer, and Moneyroom.com.

"We are very pleased to be working with so many outstanding companies." says Ken Smith, founder & CEO of the Digiticians. "The Digiticians is focused on providing the highest quality, lowest cost computer support solutions to small business. But we know that our customer's have other needs and it's important for us to help them find quality solutions quickly." The Digitician Partner Program makes it easy for companies to add the power of Internet Help Desk to their offerings while capturing monthly recurring revenue. Partners can integrate Internet Help Desk with their own offerings by including remote software installation, ASP service set -up, system compatibility testing. In addition, the program enables partners to focus their resources on supporting their own products and services while providing a link for users to get cost -effective, on -demand support with interoperability and integrating multiple applications on a single platform.

The updated Partner Program includes greater revenue sharing opportunities at all levels. Affiliate Partners earn cash for referrals and customers. Marketing Partners earn commission on monthly recurring revenue. And Online Business Service Partners earn even more commissions on monthly recurring revenue and participate in the emerging network of online service providers. The online business services segment of the outsourcing market is gaining attention around the world as it enables small businesses and even home offices to access best -in -class solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional service. Key to users ability to access these services is a stable computing environment, and that is the focus of Internet Help Desk.

"Effective use of technology enables me to serve clients worldwide by phone and Internet services." Says Sage Freechild of Phoenix Rising Coaching. "Given that my clients need Internet access and effective technology to access my services and products, and since the Digiticians provides remote services that enable my clients to effectively use technology, partnering with the Digiticians is one way that I can add value for my clients." And Rudi Scheiber -Kurtz, Founder & President of Next Stage Solutions, Inc. says "Digiticians is the most cost -effective IT outsourcing available today for small businesses."

Internet Help Desk includes on -demand eSupport that combines a live screen sharing application with friendly, knowledgeable technicians to help users solve most computer -related problems. It also includes remote secure data storage plus automated computer maintenance software. Internet Help Desk also lets mid -sized companies outsource end -user support enabling their in -house IT staff to focus on core and strategic business activities while controlling costs. It provides small business and home office professionals a quality, affordable alternative to manufacturer tech support.

About The Digiticians

The Digiticians is a leading provider of web -based outsourced computer and network support services. Delivering enterprise -class solutions remotely via a secure Internet connection enables small office, home office and residential users to reduce IT support costs by up to 80%. The company's flagship platform, Internet Help Desk, combines on -demand eSupport, secure data storage and automated computer maintenance software. It demonstrates how fast, easy and cost effective IT support can be.

Founded in 2000 by a team of successful high technology entrepreneurs, The Digiticians is a privately held company based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

For more information please visit www.digiticians.com.

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