Digiticians' Internet Help Desk Demonstrates Market Adoption

Online computer support delivers significant cost savings for small business users

Waltham, MA (July 11, 2003) - The Digiticians, a leading provider of online outsourced computer and network support solutions to users worldwide, today announced that its Internet Help Desk, a remote computer support solution for small to medium -sized businesses and home office professionals that was launched in January of 2003, has seen rapid market adoption.

"We've already migrated over ten percent of our customer base to online services and new customers are signing up every week." Says Ken Smith, founder & CEO of The Digiticians. Customers that have used Internet Help Desk already represent eleven states including Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Kansas, California, Missouri, Utah, Connecticut, and New York.

"Companies of all sizes are increasingly reliant on computers and the Internet to compete globally or survive locally. But the costs of on -site service and in -house staff can strain budgets especially in today's economy." Internet Help Desk lets mid -sized companies outsource end -user support, enabling their in -house IT staff to focus on core and strategic business activities while controlling costs; it lets small businesses significantly reduce their IT consulting budget while getting access to turnkey solutions; and it lets home office and residential users gain access to business -class computer support at a fraction the cost of traditional in -home services.

In January, 2003 the company completed its re -positioning to an online support and solutions provider and now services customers throughout the United States. Internet Help Desk (IHD) includes on -demand eSupport that combines a live screen sharing application with friendly, knowledgeable technicians to help users solve most computer -related problems. It also includes remote secure data storage plus automated computer maintenance and asset management software. Internet Help Desk is more than just telephone or online tech support, it is a complete online outsource IT solution and will soon offer links to a network of complimentary online outsource business services.

In addition to a new delivery paradigm, the company's solutions focus on error prevention rather than break fix. "When your computer is down, you're out of business." say Smith. "And for our small business customers up -time directly equates to productivity. By increasing system up -time, users can increase their performance and effective use of technology investments." Internet Help Desk can save users fifty - to eight -percent compared to traditional on -site service.
- One customer estimates they saved over $900 on a single software upgrade project

- Another customer estimates they save $1,080 each month compared to what they were paying for a monthly on -site service contract

- And a home office user estimates he has saved $350 already this year compared to what he would have paid for in -home service

About The Digiticians

The Digiticians is a leading provider of web -based outsourced computer and network support services. Delivering enterprise -class solutions remotely via a secure Internet connection enables small office, home office and residential users to reduce IT support costs by up to 80%. The company's flagship platform, Internet Help Desk, combines on -demand eSupport, secure data storage and automated computer maintenance software. It demonstrates how fast, easy and cost effective IT support can be.

Founded in 2000 by a team of successful high technology entrepreneurs, The Digiticians is a privately held company based in Waltham, Massachusetts. For more information please visit www.digiticians.com.

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