We’ve been waiting for awhile to see this new X-10 power line carrier computer interface from Marrick and here it is at last. For those of you who use your PC as the brains of your home control system, this is a welcome addition as an alternate to the old TW523 interface. It plugs directly into the wall and your serial port thereby transmitting and receiving X-10 signals to the PC.

Features include:

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Single unit for X-10 powerline interface
* Fully X-10 Compliant – supports all existing codes
* Full access to extended X-10 coding including future enhancements
* Phased lock loop (PLL) technology provides increased receiver sensitivity
* Crystal controlled frequency sources provide high accuracy and reliability
* Over voltage and surge protection circuitry
* Software programmable features include
o X-10 Transmitter output power
o X-10 Receiver sensitivity
o Adjustable baud rate from 1200 to 38400 bps
o Custom power line data formats
o 64 bytes of user non-volatile storage
o and much more…
* Health monitor constantly watches for problems and automatically recovers
* New robust protocol with error detection provides improved connectivity to computer / controller
* Supports LynX-10 protocol for legacy software
* Non-polarized 2-prong plug allows insertion into the wall outlet up or down
* D-subminiature 9 pin female connector for standard cable hook-up
* 3 LED indicators: Power, X-10 Activity, and Host communications
* No tunable components – surface mount design – nothing to drift with time.

The unit ships with a copy of Home Control Assistant (HCA) software (see HomeToys review) and set-up took only a few minutes. Just plug it into the wall and serial port … install the software … and test the operation. HCA has a menu option that lets you test and configure the PLC. A very nice feature allows you to adjust the transmission power and receiver sensitivity. This will be appreciated by those with less than ideal wiring situations … i.e. everyone 🙁

You can buy the LynX-10PLC with Marrick’s LynX-SOFT-Lite software for $99 or the LynX-HOME (with AQT’s Home Control Assistant software) for $159. Marrick has been around for many years making dependable products and I expect this will be a welcome addition to the X-10 world. Check it out at www.marrickltd.com/LynX105.htm .