Here?s an entertaining thought: your home?s entertainment equipment could be more fun if you got one more device; one thing to rule them all ? a universal remote control.

From TV?s and personal video recorders (PVR) to DVDs and stereo systems, our homes are packed with electronic devices. And with each new device comes a new remote control; they?re everywhere ? scattered across the coffee table, in between cushions, or serving as the dog?s new toy. So how can consumers manage the growing complexity associated with today?s modern home entertainment system?

The solution: universal remote controls.

Universal remotes combine the features of all your other remotes into one. You?ll likely use it 4-5 hours per day, so it?s important to find the right one. Not all are created equal, so here are a few items to look for:

1. Device coverage. Universal remotes utilize a code database to control various entertainment devices. However, don?t be fooled – many claim to be universal, but an inferior database that isn?t compatible with all your devices or brands will only add to the coffee table clutter and confusion.

2. Ease of use. Universal remotes should not only consolidate the functions of your other remotes, but should also enhance your home entertainment experience. Features like graphical touch screens and backlighting provide simple and intuitive interaction, so you don?t have to fumble around different buttons anymore. Quick keys or macros allow one-touch access to favorite channels or turning off all devices at once. Some universal remotes are even equipped with radio frequency (RF) so you can control devices in another room or those stored in a cabinet.

3. Future proof. Universal remotes with a ?Learning? feature allow you to program unique commands from other remotes, so in the future if you buy a new plasma TV, your universal remote will control it.

A highly recommended universal remote control is the One For All? Kameleon 8-RF. Developed by Universal Electronics, our database covers more than 2,400 unique brands of devices, an intuitive touch panel, built-in RF, intelligent illumination that lights up only the active device keys, and controls up to eight devices.

“I had six remotes and was always reaching for the wrong one ? when I could find it,” says Jeff Leonard, home theater enthusiast. “I bought a Kameleon and it was easy to program, works with all my devices and its unique design makes for an interesting conversation piece with guests!”

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