It’s taken awhile but we finally have a real rocker switch that works with X-10 signals and I think it’s a beauty (as the Aussies say). Leviton has been selling X-10 switches for several years but for a long time they were simply an X-10 pushbutton switch with a paddle fitted over the top. The 6343 however is a “real” paddle switch built with quality. It looks and feels expensive (and it fact it is a bit pricey). But, I think it’s probably worth it and if we all rush out and buy a bunch, the price should come down.

So, here’s a facts and figures:

* Supports X-10 extended codes.
* 1000 watt load rating (excellent improvement over the 500 watt X10 limit)
* Can be used for 3 way or single pole applications (one switch does all).
* Use a model 10000R slave switch for 3 way applications (~$25)
* Can be used with or without the neutral wire.
* Tap Top = gradual rise to last dim setting.
* Tap Bottom = gradual dim to off.
* Hold Top = Brighten
* Hold Bottom = Dim
* Both Beige and white paddles in the box. (simply swap the paddles to change colors)
* Cool little screwdriver in the box to change house codes.
* LED comes on only when switch is in the off position (so you can find it in the dark Joe).
* Unobtrusive “Air Gap” lever isolates the switch from the powerline for safety when changing bulbs etc. (but you can’t mistakenly open it every time you hit the switch).
* Adjustable minimum brightness adjustment.

The switches are also of a smaller profile so they will fit in a shallow wall box. This is nice … I could never get the old stacked switches (paddle on top of push button) to fit in my house because they were too deep. Another nice touch … the wire insulation is pre cut so stripping requires no tools … just slide off the remaining 1/4 inch stub when installing. There is also a ground wire so these can be safely used in plastic boxes.

The only glitch I have found so far is that when my enerlogic controller says dim to 50% and the light is already at 50% then I get dimming to 50% of 50% or 25%. This is not a problem with the switch but rather my antiquated system. Modern controllers such as Stargate use what are called Preset Dim commands which move the switch to whatever level was commanded regardless of the present position.

All in all, this is the nicest X-10 switch that I have seen or used so far (haven’t tested PCS or Smartlinc yet though). The switch retails for about $75. I’m almost ready to swap out all of those old pushbuttons and this may be the switch that does it for me.