The LC-6-X10 is a universal contact closure transmitter that accepts up to 6 contact closures and transmits ON and OFF signals on 6 different X-10 channels in response. The controller also features a built-in timer and the ability of one of the inputs to serve as a photocell input for daytime inhibit of any of the other 5 channels. Additional features include the ability to flash (channels 3 and 5) and also to send All Lights On and All Units Off (channel 5).

The LC-6-X10 can address any House Code and any 6 consecutive Unit Codes. Installation is straightforward with the board taking 12 V dc power input and connecting to a PL-513 or a TW-523. The only other connections are the channel inputs. Channels 1 through 3 accept a contact closure to ground (common negative) while channels 4 and 5 accept a contact closure to +12 v, or any 12 v input (such as from a burglar alarm). Channel 6 is the special channel, used primarily with the optional photocell, but it can also be used as a regular channel simply by providing a contact closure to ground.

There are many applications for the LC-6-X10 ranging from simple lighting control to remote signaling. In the most common application, the board takes input from a driveway sensor and turns on lighting when a car approaches the house. This is where the LC-6-X10’s photocell and built in timer are very useful features. Operation of the lighting can easily be inhibited during the daytime, and the lights can stay on for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Subsequent re-triggers simply extend the ON time. Other types of input include hand held wireless pendants, photo-beams and motion detectors. Also, in addition to lighting, the board can signal to an X-10 chimer for indoor annunciation of the detection event.

A completely different type of application uses the LC-6-X10 to remotely signal, via X-10, that certain events have taken place. Since it can monitor door contacts, motion detectors and many other devices, the board can serve as a local hardwire “hub” that converts the action at it’s inputs into X-10 signals, which are transmitted across the building and received by an X-10 based control system such as the Active Home or the original Time Commander. With the LC-6-X10, these systems are now capable of hardwire input and can respond with complex macros to events such as a door opening, motion detection, car approaching or wireless button press.

The LC-6-X10 is a versatile tool that takes events from the world of hardware and converts them to X-10. Applications run the gamut, and more are being discovered all the time.