Here are a few projects we think are worth looking into. Be careful… it is crowdfunding:


BRiK DIY Wireless Speaker System – Customize It Your Way

Wan Tam, the visionary behind the BRiK brings decades of experience, starting from the early days when audio enthusiasts put together their own vacuum tube stereo systems.  He had started one of the earliest electronics schools in Hong Kong before closing it to emigrate to the USA. 

His desire to teach had never stopped.  The same DIY and hands-on learning spirit is behind the BRiK which combines the latest technology and professional quality components for easy plug in assembly by people of any skill level.


  • Main board power requirement: 15 V / 2 Amps
  • Auxiliary line in jack
  • Bluetooth module, up to 30 feet range
  • WiFi Standards: 802.11.b/g/n, up to 100 feet range
  • Power amp: 3 or 20 Watts (Yamaha Chip YDA148)
  • Stereo speakers: 3 or 20 Watts 
  • Optional rechargeable lithium battery pack (internal), up to 5 hours play

To make the BRiK DIY system possible, he has already used $18,000 of his own money to develop and produce the first 2 prototypes.  He has also set the Rewards pricing as close to cost as possible to make it more affordable… (from $18 USD, ends Nov 1 2015)


Thinking Cleaner, Wifi for iRobot® Roomba® 700 & 800 series

The Thinking Cleaner WiFi module is the perfect addition to your iRobot® Roomba® 700/800 that adds WiFi capabilties to it. It can connect to your home or office network and with the free available app or web interface, the Roomba can be remotely controlled or scheduled. Because your Roomba is now connected to the Internet of things, it can also notify you of specific events. So when Roomba has finished cleaning or when it is time to empty the bin, you can receive a push notification or email. If you own a smartphone Thinking Cleaner makes your Roomba even smarter and aware of it’s users. It can enable Roomba to adapt to your life by starting a cleaning cycle when you leave the house (geofencing), when it fits your calendar or when you remote trigger it. This way Roomba can clean autonomously… (from €109, ends Oct 31 2015)


Angee. The First Truly Autonomous Home Security System.

Angee gives you a full 360° view of your home — with voice recognition, at-the-door identification, motion-detecting rotation, advanced learning, cordless portability, and a number of additional features, all without any subscription fees… (from $309 USD, ends Nov 14)


Brewie: World's first fully automated home-brewery

Nowadays you can either choose regular mass-produced beer from the supermarket shelf, or quality but hard-to-get craft beer from microbreweries. We’re here to give you a refreshing third option: brew your own high-quality beer at a super-low cost, without any previous knowledge and zero hassle. It is perfect for newcomers to beer brewing as well as for professional brewers. Besides households the machine is a great tool for bars to make their own unique beer 
and for microbreweries to make pilot batches. Brewie is here to revolutionize the making of craft beers… ($1,599 USD, ends Oct 28)