Here are a few projects we think are worth looking into.

MOVE–motorize blinds and shades

A $29 bluetooth controlled motor for your existing indoor blinds and shades

Universal application  

MOVE is built to fit as many different manually operated indoor blinds and shades as possible that has a cord or bead chain. MOVE can be controlled directly by a smartphone or automated based on time, temperature or solar conditions.

Super easy to install  

Anybody can easily and quickly install MOVE without the need of craftsman or electrician. Its housing is either fastened using wall bracket or dual side tape. The housing contains the necessary batteries. Solar panel for battery charging included. No connection to electrical outlets necessary.  

Fully controlled

All settings are managed in the app and MOVE can be controlled directly by a smartphone or automated based on time, temperature or solar conditions.

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NodeIT: The worlds smallest and extendable IoT system

A super cool, super small, Lego like building block system for building really awesome connected devices.

This project is about Connecting Your Things, nothing more, nothing less. Whether you are are an engineer building the coolest home automation gizmo to date, if you are just simply interested in knowing the temperature in the basement or if your spouse demanded a solar powered system that monitors the bird house and makes sure those small bird children are warm and comfy, we wanted to be able to provide you with the building blocks that would let you do this…. in a super easy way.

We wanted to create something that is as small, lightweight and easy as Lego to handle but that comes with the power of a big computer, that won’t let you down in terms of storage space or performance. You really want that bird house to be secure, don’t you ?

With the node.IT concept we think that we have done just that. A family of boards that ranges from a WiFi enabled controller board to A/D converter boards, I/O Expander boards Real Time Clocks and lots more that lets you create unlimited variations.


The idea of the project came to us late in 2014 and was to a large extent triggered by the introduction of the chip ESP8266, manufactured by the Chinese manufacturer Espressif.

Initially we tried many ideas of interfacing the device to other processors but we pretty soon found out that the processor that is already on board the ESP8266 is powerful enough to perform most required tasks. The early detours however gave us valuable knowledge about the device and its inner workings and the tools around it.

Instead we started to move in another direction and started to brake down what hardware components you normally would need to create things like alarm systems, environment monitors, surveillance equipment, irrigation systems…… and of course bird house monitors. We quickly realized that if we created a base controller with a minimum set of features such as the ESP8266, a USB to Serial transceiver and a simple voltage regulator you end up with a completely autonomous board that can be hooked up to a USB port and programmed directly, without any other circuitry.

This led us to the ESP210 module. A 27mm x 17mm module complete with everything needed to program the device and hook it up to wireless network.

The ESP210 includes all the necessary blocks that is needed to work with the device during development and/or in the final application. Multiple power supply options allows you to power the unit with voltages from 3.3V up to 7.5V.

As an example, with the ESP210 and a single MOSFET transistor we were able to create a speed controller for a model train within a few hours. After just another few hours we had created a system that we could push firmware upgrades over the air to the model. Imagine having an ESP210 for all the track switches, street lights, model house lights etc.

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Sideclick: Streamline Your Streaming Experience

Snap Sideclick onto your streaming remote and control your TV, sound, and streaming device all-in-one. Ditch the other remotes!

Why Sideclick?  

None of the popular streaming remotes have the ability to power on and off your TV or control volume. A 2nd or sometimes 3rd remote is always needed.  

Sideclick is a universal remote attachment that snaps onto your streaming remote, allowing you to control the basic functions of your TV and your streaming device all-in-one.

How Sideclick works

Sideclick uses infrared learning technology to program each button. Programming is as easy as pointing your device’s remote at Sideclick and pressing a few buttons. The entire process takes less than a minute.

Any device using IR technology can be programmed as a button on Sideclick. So say you want to use the POWER button to power on and off your TV but you want to program Sideclick’s volume controls to work your sound bar or reciever, you can easily do so. 

If you don’t need the channel up/down option, you could program the up arrow to be your MENU option and the down arrow to MUTE. We give you 8 buttons, program them however you want. 

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