USB devices rule. I can’t tell you how many times my system has been trashed or I’ve spent hours trying to configure a new device or pc card to review. The last 2 devices have been USB and both have installed seemlessly (at last). The other one was an ethernet connection for my laptop … easy as pie.

The Keyspan Digital Media Remote is a handy little device if you’re into doing presentations and or want to play multimedia content remotely. It’s a tiny little remote control with a USB IR receiver that plugs into your PC. The buttons are mapped to various multimedia software programs as well as Power Pointâ„¢. In addition you can map them to pretty much whatever you want. It controls your multimedia applications by sending the same keyboard keystrokes via the Keyspan DMR Remote Control. For example, if your program uses the “N” key to advance to a new slide, the Keyspan DMR Remote Control can send the same key to your application allowing you to control your application from across the room.

As I said above … installation was a snap. Run the install software … plug in the device when asked … test and see that it worked … which in my case it did.

The remote itself is very small (fits into a shirt pocket) and it’s buttons are pretty straight forward. The picture at the right is pretty much full size.

Besides the required drivers, the Keyspan Digital Media Remote installer installs an application called the Keyspan DMR Assistant. This application is used to:

* Determine the status of the Keyspan Digital Media Remote software and hardware
* Start and Stop the DMR Daemon
* View, Customize, and Create your Keyspan DMR Settings
* Assist in problem solving

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Out of the box, the system is set up to control the following applications. The * button cycles through the applications that are running on your PC so that you can have more than one going at a time … play a CD while giving a powerpoint presentation for example.
Microsoft Power Point Viewer, Microsoft Power Point, XingDVD, WinTV32 Radio, WinTV32, Cyberlink, PowerDVD, CineMaster, Creative Labs PC-DVD Encore, WinAMP MP3 player, Sonique MP3 player, Real, Audio jukebox, Real Audio player, Realmagic Hollywood DVD, Quicktime Player 4.x, Microsoft CD, Player, Mediamatics DVDExpress, Microsoft Media Player, Quicktime Player 3.x

If your application is not on the list then you can use the software to map keystrokes to the remote. This is done via a straight forward … fill in the blank process. Basically you just pick the remote button to map and then stroke the key you want it to emulate.

Overall this is a nifty little package … especially handy for presentations but equally valuable for multimedia control. Easy to install and operate and at $79 it’s not overpriced.