The DLA-HX2 projector, which made its debut at the CEDIA Expo, is designed to meet the needs of the continually growing home theater market. This three-chip Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILA?) projector is JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY?s latest offering designed to meet the high-performance needs of home theater distributors and custom installers.

The DLA-HX2 delivers the highest resolution in its class (1400 x 788) with an improved contrast ratio for crisp, true high definition (HD) images. Its superior color reproduction and image performance through its three reflective D-ILA chips offers a smooth, film-like cinema experience without distracting visual effects.

The DLA-HX2 replaces the DLA-HX1U as JVC continues to deliver high-quality projectors with affordability in mind ? which is exactly why a company such as Hi-Tech Homes, Inc., in Fort Worth, Texas, chose JVC for its projector needs.

Hi-Tech Homes, a custom installer in the home theater marketplace has been distributing and installing JVC projectors since the DLA-HX1U hit the market. Based on their exceptional experience with the DLA-HX1U, Hi-Tech homes will soon switch over to JVC?s latest projector. ?It truly is a great projector to have in your home theater,? said Chris Poulan, president of Hi-Tech Homes.

Companies such as Hi-Tech Homes are looking forward to the release of JVC?s newest model so that it can continue to offer customers the most cutting-edge projector on the market. The JVC DLA-HX2U will bring Hi-Tech Homes? customers video display images with tighter, more closely spaced pixels, which provide a higher aperture ratio and truer black reproduction. This projector will also produce richer, more natural colors with better gradation and intermediate tones designed for a smooth, lifelike appearance, enhancing the home viewer?s theater experience.

In addition to home theater environments, Hi-Tech Homes has installed the DLA-HX1U in law firms, sports bars and restaurants and businesses that frequently use conference rooms. Poulan feels that clients of law firms and customers of other establishments expect cutting-edge technology in today?s society and JVC?s high-resolution video projectors help convey this message.

Whether it?s in the home theater environment or in the corporate setting, the DLA-HX1U?s ease of installation and user-friendly design are also key selling factors of these projectors, ?Out of the box, the DLA-HX1U needed very little calibration. It?s plug and play,? said Poulan.

?After using JVC?s DLA-HX1U as our sole projector line for the past year, and based on our experiences with returns and dysfunctions with the other product lines, Hi-Tech Homes primarily supplies JVC projectors to our clients,? he said. ?JVC has a broad enough line with its newer projectors that covers everything we need to sell.?

As JVC continues its tradition of producing high quality projectors at reasonable prices, Chris Poulan will continue to sell its DLA-HX1U as their primary projector until the DLA-HX2U becomes available.

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