Whole House Distributed HDTV
In this article we present one way of distributing HDTV around the home. And all without having to run expensive, dedicated component video, digital audio and/or HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables to every room. Steven R.Gould

Cable Labeling TIPS
Every cable that you install on a job MUST be labeled. No excuses. Labeling will not only save you lots of time on the job site, but will greatly reduce frustrations of troubleshooting and service. Grayson Evans

Home/Office IPTV-VoD System
IPTV networks are basically intranets, only the web browser isn’t on a PC, it is on a set-top box. If you’ve set up an intranet or public website, you can set up your own IPTV network and do what you want with it. Alexander Cameron

Making HDMI Work over Cat-6/5
Sending HDMI, particularly with HDCP, involves a lot of different things happening at very high speed. Transmission or wiring errors often will result in no picture at all. Scott Horman

How to Select a Projection Screen
Don’t forget, a projector is only part of the equation – the screen can sometimes make all the difference in creating a brilliant image that pops. Dave Rogers

Interoperability in Smart Homes
Interoperability will allow devices and application in smart homes to collaborate and provide consumers with greater flexibility in selecting their desired services. Thinagaran Perumal

It’s NOT all about the chips!
Before you make a buying decision based on a touted technology, design class, a must have connector or a phantom surround mode, remember that none of that stuff is worth is worth a dime with out proper implementation. Chuck Hinton

What’s a Home Without Music!
Choosing a qualified A-V contractor and including a music and family room theater will help you grow your business and improve your bottom line. Buzz Delano

Acoustically Transparent Screens
In home theater systems, audio and video are equally important and must work in concert. Screen Research

McIntosh Teaches Kids to See Sound
As soon as the children enter the room, they are enthusiastically asked; “How many of you have seen sound today?” Chuck Hinton
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The WGL All Housecode Transceiver V572RF32
Folks who had trouble getting their X-10 keyfob to turn on the lights even when they were standing at the front door now find the X-10 signal can get through from several houses away. Bobby Green

All-in-One Home Theater – Mike Pyle – SE2 Labs
Dealers need high-end systems built from the ground up for them that they can just sell—without the need for programmers, for system builders, for people soldering things to be on their staffs.

Home Theater Projectors – Derek Burns – Projector Point
Our customers like to say that you don’t watch front projection, you experience front projection.

Outdoor TV – Joe Pantel – Pantel Corp.
Outdoor entertaining is becoming increasingly popular, and many people don’t yet realize there are TVs being designed exclusively for outdoor use.

Outdoor Sound – Alan Rottner – StereoStone
Outdoor entertainment is already seeing complete living spaces designed for the outdoors.
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Classic Home Toys #16 – Electronic Book Reader
From Apple’s Newton right up to the latest contenders including the Amazon Kindle, computer manufacturers are still trying to get the public to embrace the ability to read without holding any paper. James Russo

Content Insider #101 – Content Your Way!
According to The Conference Board, 16% of US households watch TV broadcasts online. comScore says these viewers will grow as more and more content is delivered over the iNet. THE Insider

Content Insider #102 – Looking to HDTV
Sales people love to show consumers how much better their TV shows will be with a big, beautiful, expensive HDTV screen. Turns out though that as many as 50% get SD content on their HD set…but they’re happy. THE Insider

Content Insider #103 – Game Power
Online games are more popular than watching videos online or cruising social networking sites. As they say, online no one knows if you’re a dog (or a boomer+ player). THE Insider
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