HDCD technology was a big deal from back in the 90-ties until round about 2003. An then it just it faded away…just like that! But why? Well, I don’t know, but people started to say that HDCD has reached its end, that it was just about to die.

I have spoken many people … some working in audio stores, some of them are journalists on hifi magazines and others are famous audio makers. A common comment is “Okay, HDCD was an interesting thing for a couple of years, but now it’s gone. Now you have so many sound formats … man! It never stops! So please, stop arguing about how good HDCD is.”

I thought to myself that maybe this HDCD technology is soon gone. But when I look in the database at the hdcd catalog (www.hdcd.se) it’s very interesting to se all the new HDCD titles coming up. And when I’ve checked what is there to purchase in HiFi that is outfitted with the HDCD decoder, it’s quite thrilling. Here is is a small list:

THULE Spirit DVA150 Digit II
NAD C542
Naim CD5x
Linn Genki
Linn Ikemi
Vincent CD S3
Vincent CD S6
Arcam Diva
Harman Kardon DPR1005
Harman Kardon AVR7300
Pioneer PDR-609
Pioneer PDR-W 839
Rotel RCD-02
Rotel RCD-1072
Vincent CD-S3
Vincent CD-S6

So, I can only say this: No! HDCD is not supposed to die. It’s very alive! It’s just sad that Microsoft (the owner since 2000) is not making anything to show us about that.

Please welcome Blue-ray and all this new HD audio stuff. But don’t say that these new formats necessarily sound better than HDCD!

Up here in Sweden, the summer has been rainy. That means a lot of hours indoors listening to music. Not always, I do have a family, but I have had plenty of time, sitting in my cozy sofa, listening to good music. Today I will have some time with the HDCD CD “Rajaz” with Camel.