Interview: Steve Frank, Director, Product Management

Tell me about some new products SANUS will be introducing at CEDIA Expo 2011
We are really excited about the breadth of products we will be launching during CEDIA Expo this year.

Among these include the SANUS EcoSystem, a suite of fully customizable AV rack accessories that will serve as a single power source for all low-voltage equipment. The SANUS EcoSystem was designed with installers in mind and should help save them time by freeing up valuable space inside an AV rack. The EcoSystem includes a multi-volt power supply, which consists of power switches, USB ports and 12 outlets with both 12V and 5V options. This unique product is unlike anything currently available in the AV market.

We will also be launching several new Super Slim full-motion mounts, the VLF320 and VMF322. These mounts offer 20” and 22” of full-motion movement yet place LED TVs just 1.4” from the wall.

Finally, we will also be introducing several new Basic Series furniture pieces, all of which can be assembled tool-free in less than 15 minutes.

SANUS first launched its Component Rack Series in 2010, can you talk about what rack products SANUS is currently offering?
SANUS will be debuting its redesigned Component 100 Series racks at CEDIA 2011. Taking feedback from custom installers in the field, our engineers made several improvements to the well-received 100 Series line. The new 100 Series racks feature removable side and back panels for easier access to components and a 3U panel located at the back of the rack that can be placed on top or bottom of the rack’s rear door for customization in wiring. We have also included backstops with vented shelves, ensuring equipment doesn’t move during use. New add-on accessories are now available, including vented blanking panels and shelves, ganging kit, tie bars, solid steel blanking panels and power strips.

The SANUS Component 100 Series racks will be available in four models. The CFR2115 (15U), CFR2127 (27U) CFR2136 (36U), and CFR2144 (44U).

Is the rack business growing or has the advent of smart TV and streaming A/V put a dent in the need for equipment closets?
The Milestone (Chief and SANUS) rack business, both commercial and consumer, has grown rapidly over the past several years. This growth has been spurred by new and differentiated product introductions that add value for both dealers/installers and end consumers. The advent of smart TV and content streaming are exciting new technologies which will help drive growth and interest in consumer electronics by making it easier for consumers to access all their content quickly and seamlessly. By improving overall interest in A/V, we believe these technologies will improve our rack business.

SANUS is most known in the AV industry for its TV wall mount products…What are consumers looking for in a wall mount? How is SANUS designing its products with this in mind?
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at Milestone. We continually seek ways to improve the entire customer experience from purchase to end-of-life. At SANUS, we aim to deliver a seamless customer experience which includes easy access to information that helps the purchase decision, world-class products that are easy to install and provide exceptional value, and carefree customer service to address any questions or issues. We spend a lot of time on research – quantitatively, qualitatively, and in the field – to help identify opportunities for improvement and new products. But we also spend a lot of time just listening to our customers and consumers. It is this commitment to our customers that will enable us to remain industry leaders.

How important is the CEDIA Expo to SANUS and what does SANUS hope to accomplish and take away from this years’ expo?
CEDIA has always been and continues to be a very important show for SANUS. It not only provides us an opportunity to introduce exciting new products and services, but it allows our product development teams to connect directly with our dealers and customers. At CEDIA, we obtain direct and valuable feedback from our customers, and have the opportunity to view new technologies – all critical elements in shaping our future product and service offerings.

Where does SANUS go from here — is the future more of the same or do you see the industry and market changing?
The CE business is constantly changing; that is what makes it so challenging and exciting. SANUS will continue to expand our core businesses – flat-panel mounts, furniture, and racks – while exploring opportunities in new adjacent categories.