Interactive LED displays are giant circuit boards filled with super-bright LEDs that respond in a complex and subtle fashion to stimulus provided by human interaction. They can be used as interactive art on your wall, whiteboards or displays.

Interactive touchscreen LED displays are designed to allow exceptional multimedia functionality and performance; and they are ideal for use in education and business. These LED displays provide a crystal clear picture to present images with the ability to control and interact with content in real time using just a finger. Interactive touchscreens can be very informative. Such screens can be activated by the motion of someone passing. Then, interested individuals can touch certain areas of the screen to learn about a product or service.

There are some key differences between the old technology for interactive displays and LED displays. The old sources lasted only 2,000 – 8,000 hours (cfl back light), while LED edge lighting lasts 50,000 hours. LEDs do not lose brightness, while lamps are degenerative. The usual resolutions of older displays were 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 800, but with LEDs the resolutions are 1920 x 1080 HD or ultra HD at 3840 x 2160. The demand for higher resolution is happening throughout technology with high definition videos, photos, and diagrams becoming a standard requirement in many cases.

LED interactive displays have 5 to 10 touch points, whereas the old system only had two. Gestures in Windows 7 & 8 sometimes require up to 6 touch recognition points to control the full range of gestures. Although the display screens should be kept dust free, there are no filters and the panel is sealed to dust.

Retail companies rely on interactive displays to help them establish a close connection with their customers. Marketing tools such as interactive touch-screen kiosks, digital signage and floor graphics are being used at the point of sale and other prominent areas in a wide variety of locations, such as shopping malls that use an interactive map with store information at a touch; movie theaters, showing trailers with just a tap of a finger; and airports, giving passenger or specific flight information.

LED technology is quickly becoming tomorrow's primary light source and has many advantages over conventional light sources. LEDs are rated for up to 10,000 hours and radiate a cold light, which uses very little heat and is cost effective. LEDs are easier to read because of the brighter illumination, and they can be combined to generate billions of colors.


LED interactive displays use a commercial grade LED capable of displaying rich color, sharp images and very readable text, which make the screen a lot clearer and easier to view. The LED displays can work in natural daylight or brightly lit rooms without the need to pull blinds or reduce the lighting.

LED interactive displays represent the future of displays with brilliant color HD images for greater communication power. Ideas can be presented, communicated and shared by creating effective and eye-catching presentation materials. Images can be moved, rotated and zoomed in or out with a light tap of a finger. Several people can also write, or move at the same time and individual images, shapes, and objects can be selected and moved to any desired location.

Interactive displays are ideal for schools. Today's pupils are digitally savvy and used to HD images from TVs, games, tablets and smart phones.  Problems faced by students and teachers by using outdated interactive whiteboards and projectors can be resolved with the interactive display. With LEDs, full HD quality images don’t fade over time. Interactive displays have toughened safety glass to survive the harshness of classroom environments; and they are highly flexible, whether in a fixed location or mobile.  

LED interactive displays can be used indoor or outdoor for stage shows, concerts, weddings, parties, celebrations, entertainment shows, night clubs, bars, TV studios, and more.

The BrightLogic ActiveFloor is a multi-touch, high-resolution interactive floor system. It provides a reactive, real-time user experience, whether one person or 100 people are on the floor. Along with the fluid response comes accurate tracking of object positions using 64 built-in proximity sensors per panel, combined with an LED pixel pitch of 10mm for high-resolution graphics. The ActiveFloor could be a giant multi-touch screen, a custom shape for an interactive stage performance, or an eye-catching LED dance floor.

Sahara CleverTouch flat screen displays integrate the latest interactive technology into the screen itself enabling the screen display to be controlled by touch and multi touch. The technology allows multiple users to interact with the screen at the same time.

The CleverTouch flat screen LED display does not require drivers, calibration or set up. The crystal clear resolution and high brightness LED display means that images are clearly visible. The unit can be operated as a whiteboard, an easel and even as a flat table. It comes with a portable electronic base/trolley, built in speakers and amplifier, integrated PC and wireless keyboard. With no calibration or drivers needed, the display is plug and play.

Kiway Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, specializes in developing and manufacturing self-service terminals with solutions for bill payment, information, community, card dispenser, queue, ticket, ATM, POS kiosks, and more.

China Multi-media Speakers 22 Multi Touch Interactive Information Kiosk Windows 7 OS on sales

It has a manual insert or motorized card reader for magnetic/IC card reading. It also accepts bills and coins. Kiway makes LED interactive displays for supermarkets, banks, hotels, government service centers, gas stations, airports, train stations and subways.

A retailer that gets fewer visitors or that has an odd location can increase their walk-ins to almost double by placing an interactive LED Kiosk near the entrance to attract customers. Such a display gives several options to add explicit messages or topics and gain the attention of potential buyers. An appealing message with brilliant graphics will attract customers who have never visited the store because of unfamiliarity.

When it comes to interactive kiosks, PFI Displays has an extensive kiosk portfolio, from simple video kiosks, to touch pad kiosks and interactive touch screens. PFI has retail marketing solutions to achieve any retail strategic objectives, such as the gift registry shown below.

McDonald's is poised to add touchscreen kiosks in more than 7,000 of its restaurants in Europe in effort to replace actual, human cashiers. The touchscreen kiosks should help speed up customer transactions as the European restaurants currently serve about 2 million people per day.

New technology is the driving force in business and everyday life. Statistics show that 80% of the world’s population owns a portable handheld device like a smartphone or tablet, which uses touchscreen technology. Interactive LED displays are designed to operate in a similar way as handheld devices and share the same touchscreen qualities. 

LED interactive display equipment can be used at events, malls and businesses to attract and engage the viewers by using a better touchscreen technology.


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