Imagine hearing the familiar voice of your favorite musical artist performing for you live in your home with no floor space taken up by your stereo speakers. In today?s worldwide market space cost money, to defray the rising cost of real estate, Wisdom Audio, the manufacturer of the finest loudspeakers in the world is proud to announce the long awaited Neo Series In-wall speakers are currently shipping. The new additions to the Neo Series are offered as four different models. From the smallest NS-25i to the monstrous NS-87i, all utilize the new radically designed Wisdom Audio exclusive TNT-17 mid-bass driver coupled with neodymium (rare earth magnets) driven planar-magnetic drivers. The results of this combination are outstanding.

The innovative R & D team at Wisdom Audio has finally succeeded in capturing the signature sound of the highly acclaimed Adrenaline Series in an in-wall speaker. By creating all new drivers for this series, anyone can get the Wisdom Audio Adrenaline sound at a fraction of the cost. Utilizing advanced planar magnetic driver technology and the revolutionary TNT-17 mid-bass driver, the Neo Series In-wall speakers will complement any system and/or environment. The Neo Series In-wall speakers were designed to be simply and easily installed into any standard drywall finish.

First introduced to the industry in Las Vegas, Nevada at The Home Entertainment Show in January 2005, the completely constructed Wisdom Audio In-wall home theater demonstration room provided its signature high definition sound to match the high definition picture. The system composed of the NS-87i model for the front main stereo speakers and the NS-50i covered the center channel which was mounted behind a 110 inch Stewart Filmscreen perforated FireHawk front projection screen. The surround speakers were the NS-30i models to complete the total system.

Wisdom Audio was one of only three or four active demonstrations utilizing an in-wall speaker setup. The Wisdom Audio demonstration was exclusively using only in-walls for the demonstration purposes of these new members to the prestigious Wisdom Audio line of products. Wisdom Audio has incorporated its proprietary SMART planar line source technology and the Active Brain into the top two models of the In-walls, the NS-87i and the NS-50i. The combination of these two technologies allows the end user the flexibility of ?custom tuning? the speakers to the room?s environment.

Wisdom Audio, known worldwide for its signature neutral and transparent reproduction of audio recordings is giving the word transparency a new meaning with the Neo Series In-wall models. Order yours now at a dealer near you.

Interested in the Wisdom Audio sound in your car, truck or RV? Wisdom Audio is currently in the development of several mobile projects. Stay tuned for more details.

Come and see us in Indianapolis, Indiana at CEDIA 2005 on September 9-11, 2005