Before going out on vacation you carefully set up several timers to control important lamps located in rooms throughout the house to have that ?lived-in? look. Do you sometimes worry about power outages ruining your settings?

It?s 2:00 o?clock in the morning and a strange noise coming from the backyard wakes you up. Your heart starts pounding. What do you do? Imagine how nice it would be to turn all lights on in the house at the touch of one button from your bedside table just before getting up to see what?s going on. Or imagine the convenience of lighting up all the dark spots around your yard instantly at the touch of another button. Wouldn?t that make you feel much more secure?

Most of today’s lighting control systems work on a stand-alone basis. That is, they work independently of each other. Such controls include timers, motion detectors, photocells, etc. Each of these devices are designed to let you automate specific tasks. For example, timers operate lights at preset times, photocells switch lights on when available light falls below a specified level, motion detectors ? self explanatory.

That?s fine, but what happens if you?d like that same timer to also operate another light located in the utility shed for example. You can?t, unless you rewire your house and that can be costly!

Modern wireless home control systems can make all this possible without re-wiring your home. With such a system, that you can easily set up yourself, you?d be able to get the benefits of a safer home and do much more than with a conventional stand-alone system. Simply replace existing wall switches, add plug-in modules and ? voil?!

Now all you need is a remote control that will let you easily operate all those important lights from any location in the house (even from the comfort of your warm bed). You can set up schedules for automated controls with the built-in timers function — you won?t have to go to the timers anymore to set them up.

It?ll even let you group both inside and outside lights in any combination so that they act as a single unit. It?s now as easy as operating your TV?s remote!

No more are you limited by the wiring systems that were installed when they built your home. New wireless home control systems can easily modernize your home?s electrical system and much more.

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