I recently received the Honeywell Prestige™ Comfort Systems thermostat, with the Portable Comfort Control and Outdoor Sensor from Honeywell for review. Prestige™ is the world’s first high definition, full-color, touch screen, programmable thermostat. The Portable Comfort Control is a hand-held device that not only senses and allows homeowners to adjust for the room temperature they are in, but the Outdoor Sensor provides information on outdoor conditions to help you make informed decisions that could positively impact overall energy use. Honeywell indicates that proper use leading to more efficient home heating and cooling could lead to a significant energy savings—up to 33 percent or $200 a year depending on your geographic location.
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The change and installation from my old unit to this unit was fairly straightforward and well laid out in the manual. The one issue I did have was with the 50 year old wiring in my house, I found out that I had a broken wire, I used Honeywell customer service to help me diagnose this problem so it could be resolved. This thermostat requires a minimal 3 wires, two from your 24-volt transformer (R + C) and one for heat (RH). Once installed this unit can control up to 2 heat zones (3 with a heat pump) and 2 cool zones. It is fully programmable to set up 7 days with multiple schedules per day.

Once I powered up the unit the display asked some simple questions in order to program the schedules, once I answered those questions the unit was up and running. Preset Energy Star settings are also set-up as a default if you prefer. Not only did I find this very easy to program upon start up, the daily override was also easy to do.


The user interface on this unit is the best that I have seen. The bright easy to read screen provides you the current temperature, current schedule as well as the humidity. Most other units I have seen provide just one display for temperature that has to be cycled between reading your house temperature and scheduling temperature by pushing a button.


I also received the Wireless Outdoor Sensor and Portable Comfort Control (PCC) unit, which just connects up to the Prestige™ unit via the RedLINK wireless network to the thermostat. The PCC can move around with you and provides almost the same information as the base unit with a backlit touch screen display. It detects temperature wherever you go and has an internal temperature display so you are able to change the temperature in any zone in your system using the remote.

You can also get an Outdoor Sensor to mount somewhere outside your house, which enables you to monitor the outdoor temperature and humidity using the display on the main unit.
Overall installation and setup could not have been easier. After a brief tutorial my family, (wife & 3 kids) have found the whole system very easy to use. Now it is so much easier for relatives who come over to turn up the temperature in my house, I am known to keep my house at a cool 68F. From a homeowners point of view, If you are looking to go to a programmable thermostat or not happy with your present unit, make sure to look at the Honeywell unit, you will not be disappointed. If you are a contractor / installer you will find Prestige™ by Honeywell will be very easy for you to install and should leave your clients impressed.