Divergence of Content and Display Technology
03/06/12, Mark Anderson,
Current and emerging TV technologies have the capability to display a color gamut far beyond that available in consumer content. Movie studios are not delivering better content that takes advantage of these new technologies and the world seems to be rushing headlong towards lower quality streaming as the preferred deliver method. Surely there’s something wrong with this picture?

Affordable Digital Cinema
03/06/12, Justin Eugene Evans, Founder & President , BryteWerks, LLC
Startup project company, BryteWerks' CEO tells us why a filmaker decided to build a projector and revolutionize digital cinema in the process.

Is Your TV Smarter than a 5th Grader?
03/06/12, Len Calderone
3-D did not take off as the industry thought that it would, so the manufacturers are putting emphasis in developing a Smart TV, which has been on the back-burner for years. The concept is to make it easy to surf the Web, check the weather and locate news pages, as well as using other apps, all while watching TV.

Z-Wave Snowballs to 600th Certified Product
02/28/12, Mark Anderson,
Six months ago, saw the 500th certified Z-Wave product: a goal that took almost 6 years to reach. Today, the announcement of a 600th product indicates rapid growth in Z-Wave. What are the primary factors for the growth?

Is Windows Media Center Alive?
Feb 17/12 – Mark Anderson, HomeToys
Windows Media Center is one of the best and most underrated products produced by Microsoft. As a cord-cutter, I use it as my TV guide, DVR and a whole lot more. In the last few months, I’ve attempted to find three key plug-ins. Not one exists. It seems developers interests lie elsewhere these days. So is this a nail in WMC’s coffin. I hope not.

Spotlight on Ultraviolet
Feb 17/12 – Mark Anderson, HomeToys
Ultraviolet promises to be the digital movie locker in the cloud. Momentum seems to be gathering with a few major players (Samsung, Amazon and Paramount) signing up recently. I decided to take it for a spin and see if the reality matched the PR hype.

NFC coming to a smart phone near you
Feb 17/12 – Len Calderone
NFC stands for Near Field Communication.  So, what does this mean?  If you attend a trade show and meet someone, whom you would like to exchange business cards, you both can touch your NFC smart phones to the other’s show badge and the information is exchanged.  You no longer have to carry a pocket full of business cards, or have to sort cards after the show.

2012 will be the year of Home Automation
Feb 7/12 – Mark Anderson, HomeToys
I know what you’re thinking: another “year of X” prediction that has as much chance of coming to fruition as I have of winning the lottery. (I’m still waiting for smell-o-vision.) So, why am I so keen to stake my reputation on this? One reason: the number of entry level systems appearing on the market.

ISE 2012 Trade Show Report
Feb 3 /12 – Brandon Hetherington and Mark Anderson, HomeToys
Another great report on several new products that we found at the show. Enjoy!

ISE 2012 – Special News Report
Publish your company's ISE news and keep up to date on what others at the show are up to.

A Year Without Cable TV
Feb 1/12 – Mark Anderson, HomeToys
A little over a year ago, I went cold turkey with Cable. I had literally everything that one of the big providers could offer (as my sister-in-law worked there, and we owned a two-flat with her). In this article, I’ll share my experiences and the current state of play with TV in my house.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good-Sounding Room?
Feb 1/12 – James Lindenschmidt, RealTraps
No matter how well treated, there is no such thing as a perfect-sounding room. Second, no matter how good a room might sound on its own, every room can be improved with intelligently-applied acoustic treatment.

HTML 5 and Digital Signage
Feb 1/12 – Mark Anderson, HomeToys
One of the most significant aspects of HTML 5 for digital signage is dynamic content. HTML 5 makes it very easy to display real time information such as stock prices, weather, news headlines, sports scores, etc.


Using WiPNET to Connect the Home With the Existing COAX Network
03/06/12, Interview with Adam Lenio , Wi3
WiPNET at its simplest is Ethernet over coax. This means we can provide high speed Internet access to every location in a home with little more than the replacement of existing coax cable wall plates with WiPNET ports.

Digital Audio Formats
03/06/12, Interview with Robert Altmann, OliveMedia
Robert Altmann is Senior Vice President, Business Development & Operations, and co-founder of Olive Media Products. Robert is directly responsible for Olive's revenue generation efforts as well as its day-to-day operations. As a lifelong music and technology fan, Robert is following his passions to drive the full potential of music in the digital home.

3D Projection Technology
Feb 17/12 – Wayne Kozuki, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc.
The future of 3D will grow with more engaging content (movies/games) and the effects/experience of 3D to be even immersive (almost like a virtual reality experience).  And we (Mitsubishi) continue our trend of making the 3D experience even more engaging (i.e. our recent example of our HC7800D implementation of 3D).

Foundation™ Platform for Residential Demand Response and Home Energy Management
Feb 17/12 – Energate
Foundation combines not only multiple features, but also, in effect, multiple devices.  It is both a smart thermostat and an in-home display integrated into a single device.  It is also extensible with the ability to control other loads, receive over-the-air (OTA) upgrades and add support for another network, such as Wi-Fi, with a USNAP (Universal Smart Network Access Port) module. 

CES 2012

2012 International Consumer Electronics Show Report
Jan 13/12 – Brandon Hetherington and Mark Anderson, HomeToys
With so much to see the HomeToys team has compiled a report of some of the interesting products in the Home Technology sector at this year’s show. 

CES … It’s a Show, It’s Biz, Live with It
Feb 1/12 – THE Insider
With more than 13 football fields of show space, CES attendees have to crowd in opening day and walk themselves ragged in hopes of not just seeing all the show but seeing what will win/fail big in the coming year. Anyone who says that the fact that Microsoft and Apple are no longer displaying and keynoting at CES is a sure fact the show is doomed isn’t seeing the industry evolve.

CES 2012 – Special News Report is a great place to post your company's CES news and keep up to date on what others are up to. (125+ releases)

More Articles

A 3D Printing Primer
Feb 1/12 – Len Calderone
Today man has gone where no man has gone before. On the star ship Enterprise, there is a device known as a “replicator.” The concept was to have a 23rd century technology that could replicate anything by reconstituting raw material into the object desired.

Trends of 2011 and the Storylines for 2012
Feb 1/12 – Contributed by Parks Associates Many thanks to our friends at Parks Associates for this great summary of what happened last year and what to expect over the next

Here a Tablet, Everywhere a Tablet
Feb 1/12 – Len Calderone
The usage of tablets in business is multifaceted; and we will see more creative uses in the future, but the future of tablets in business will depend on software development, which is in a growth stage right now.

Discovering Your Process
Feb 1/12 – Bill Battaglia, designecentral
Things we first identified…too many E-Mails going around, Items not getting ordered correctly based on changes, things falling through the cracks, Changes not truly being managed, and Multiple Change Request currently.

Merging Thermal Storage with Load Shifting for Efficient Cooling
Feb 1/12 – Adam VanOort, President, DataNab
The theory behind load shifting is to use more power when it’s cheap and less power when it’s expensive.

The Rise of the Personal Cloud
Jan 3/12 – Kurt Scherf, Parks Associates
As personal clouds evolve, they will incorporate access to premium content offerings. There is an ongoing migration away from physical media in favor of electronic formats for music, photos, and video. However, most homes lack the storage capacity and distribution ability to keep and fully enjoy libraries of high-end media files.

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