The HomeRF WG continues to work to provide a broad range of interoperable devices for wireless networking to the SOHO market. In the past few weeks, our work has been heavily focused on the pending FCC ruling regarding the Wideband Frequency Hopping proposal. Once finalized, HomeRF products will migrate to operate at speeds of 10 Mbps, offering additional support for voice, as well as CD quality audio and VHS quality video. We are incredibly optimistic and look forward to new the developments and opportunities this decision will allow for the wireless LAN industry.

The HomeRF Working Group is happy to report that our first shipping products, including Intel’s AnyPoint and Compaq’s Symphony-HRF product line, are receiving glowing reviews in the marketplace. Praised for ease of use, simple installation, wireless mobility and overall capabilities, HomeRF products are gaining industry recognition as the leader in wireless networking. We also anticipate the addition of more products to HomeRF’s line. Cayman Systems and Siemens have already announced plans to integrate HomeRF’s voice support into Cayman’s gateway solutions.

In the coming months, HomeRF members will be participating in some industry events demoing these and future products. In August, HomeRF will be featured in a 6 hour track devoted to Wireless LAN solutions at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Jose, CA. The Intel Developer Forum is Intel’s premier technical forum, comprised of nearly 150 sessions and hands-on labs and more than 100 demonstrations of cutting-edge products and technologies. IDF attracts over 2,000 hardware and software developers from around the world. Other upcoming events for HomeRF include the HomeNet Forum in Santa Clara, CA, and the Home Networking Summit in Denver, CO.

More information on our products and upcoming activities can be found at our newly re-designed Web site, . HomeRF’s Web site was relaunched earlier this month to provide visitors with the most up to date information on the activities of the Group and its member companies. On the site, visitors can find information about the group itself and its founding charter as well as press releases, archived articles relating to HomeRF, product information and upcoming events.