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The system that we are working with is the Elan Z-Series.  We have 6 zones (rooms) and can select from up to 6 music sources. Five of the zones have keypads for control and the 6th has a VIA! TouchPanel. Initially the sources we are using are an Imerge Soundserver, a Parasound Tuner and an old RCA VCR. 

by Bob Hetherington

One of the most popular home technology product lines these days is multi-room audio. In the last few years the product offerings have exploded ... and with good reason. Us old hippies love our music ... and now that the kids have moved out we have a few extra bucks to spend :-) In part two of this series we described the wiring end of the multi-room audio system. Do not underestimate the amount of wire that it takes to install the system ... and also the mess that is made if you are working in an existing home. But believe me it's worth every bit of it once you have your favorite music playing all over the house.