There are many and varied infrared control protocols embedded in set-top-boxes which, if not carefully managed can cause irritating clashes when devices with the same IR codes are in close proximity to each other. Or if they are integrated onto a Home Networking switch system which, allows connected devices to be selected from several rooms (zones) in a house or small office environment.

Naturally only one person should be able to control any source device such as a Satellite decoder, DVD or similar whilst all can be a viewer of the selected program/ playback. But if you have common devices in close proximity or connected to a common switching system then; Mum and Dad might be enjoying a film from the satellite feed when son decides he would like to watch a sports channel and changes it from his room!

Now with the latest editions of Scion Technology’s Home Networking products you can prevent that happening. A new integral IR blaster control allows you to connect any number of devices with or without similar IR protocols. When the viewer (zone) selects a channel from a device they also take personal control of the device functionality leaving others to simply view the selected channel until the first viewer de-selects.

So Son, if you want to watch sports pick another decoder on the system or go play the game yourself!

RS232 I/O ports also provide central management for hooking up to any number of touch-screen controls or using a ‘windows’ application the owner can force and bar channels to selected users on the system. Good for parental control.