How far do you want to go?

We now have keyless access to any area of the home ? it really comes down to the system or combination that best suits you and your family. It really is not rocket science ? in fact, quite the opposite, keyless entry is just using a high technology switching system, which switches electricity to perform a specific operation. Once you have a product able to be automated, it is really personal preference as to how that is achieved.

The importance is on the security of the switching system (the transmitter and receiver) ? it must have anti-code grabbing technology, and it must have code-hopping, where the code randomly changes between the transmitter(the keychain remote control unit), and the receiver (the intelligent switch), every time the button is pressed and the signal is received.

QuickLock Remote Control Keyless Entry Systems offers a receiver/transmitter with 18 quintillion (that?s 18,000,000,000,000,000) codes.

There are some proprietary systems in the market, that is, devices that are purpose built to perform a particular function, and that is all they do. Before purchasing this type of system, you may wish to go through the list of questions below and project your thoughts into the future. After all, I am sure that you really do not want to spend money replacing devices, when if you spend wisely in the beginning, knowing all your options, you can make a choice for a system that will meet all your requirements, now and in the future.

Options available:

Are your security needs such, that they require a sophisticated system that lets you know who entered and the time they entered?

Or do you just require the convenience of getting in the door as quickly and easily as possible?

Do you only want a system to enter your entry door, or do you want something to connect with all the other entry and security aspects of your home, including alarm systems, intercoms, smart wiring systems, lights, etc.?

Do you want all new locking systems or do you just want to enhance your existing Locks?

Do you have other people who also need access to your home, other than family members? People like carers, doctors, trades people, security people.

Would it be convenient to operate your garage door, side gate, front gate, or other doors and lights included in the same system?

The Electronic Entry options are:

Electronic Keypad entry, Mechanical Keypad Entry, Keychain Remote Control, Swipe card, Transponder, Fingerprint (Biometric), then of course, the new systems still being developed are iris and voice recognition, and eventually there will be personal scans, where the scanner will recognize you from every aspect of your body and automatically open the door, turn lights on, etc.


Everything is available ? there are electric locks, electric strikes to fit to existing locks, electric deadbolts (fail safe and fail secure), magnetic locks, electrically driven multipoint locks for energy efficiency and high security.

I guess the real issue is what type of locking do you require?

Convenience, Security, Energy Efficiency, inexpensive, electronic gadgetry, – it?s all there.

A Typical Home Access Management System

Driving up the street toward my home, about 5 houses away, I press two buttons on my 4 channel keychain remote control, and the motorized entrance gate automatically slides across the front fence to open the driveway for my car. Lights go ?on? each side of the fence; the driveway is lit with a row of lights to illuminate the way.

The second button has already opened the garage door and lights inside the garage have been turned ?on?. After exiting the car and picking up my brief case, I press the second button again and the garage door closes. The front gate is on an automatic timer. I press a third button on the remote and the house lights outside and the inside entry hall light goes on, the alarm is disabled, and the door unlocked. I chose a multipoint locking system for energy efficiency, which locks in three places up the door frame. This locking system also provides excellent security.

I enter the door, close it, and I am home! In a few seconds the driveway and fence lights go ?off?, the garage lights go ?off?, the front and entry lights go ?off? and the door is locked securely, all automatically. The remote control unit has a user programmable timer, which can be set anywhere from 0-60 seconds.

There is also a fingerprint reader with keypad at the front door, and an electronic keypad at the front gate that can be used when working around the house, or to give temporary access to tradesmen, carers, technicians, or anyone else I program in. The fingerprint / keypad reader will operate up to four different devices. The devices attached to it are:

Front door and lights
Side gate and lights
Single swing garage door and garage lights
Tilting garage door and garage lights

The keypad at the front gate allows my family (my children would only lose a remote control), close friends and trades people access. There is also an exit button outside the garage to automatically open the front gate, and another button to hold the gate open until I push it again to allow it to close.

The video intercom system is connected to both the front gate and front door to remotely allow guests, business colleagues, friends and anyone else I wish to admit into my home.

The fourth button on the keychain remote control is connected to the side gate and lights down the side of the house into the backyard. This button is also connected to the swing door in the garage (for easy access to everything on weekends).

I could computerize it all, and have a complete list of who entered and exited, but I?m not really into security, some people are, and we build high security systems for them. But for me, it?s really all about freedom and convenience.