The Brazilian economy, despite some situated problems, has an incredible capacity to defeat adversities and to create great opportunities in specific market niches. And, now, the Home Automation market is waking up for many different reasons.

First, the telecommunication policy applied by government in the last few years brought heavy investments in infrastructure. Now, voice, data and video flow well by all means, over the Country. In this 2002-year, we will have a complete “deregulation” of the telecom activities, so one can expect numerous possibilities to receive innovative services such as broadband Internet access, paid TV (in its various forms), voice over IP and others. Competition will increase among existing players as well as newcomers, causing multiple choices for consumers.

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More than this, the internet boom, spreading of cell phones and mobile devices and familiarity with domestic computers, definitively breaks the remaining resistance to technology at home. It has launched a solid basis for a modern lifestyle that includes new features such as working at home, increasing security necessities, energy gap, more options for home entertainment and many others.

Another important point is the pioneer vision of some entrepreneurs in the construction industry. At this moment, various residential projects are being designed with the inclusion of structured cabling and automation requisites. These businessmen anticipate that their customers will adopt the modern lifestyle soon. The investment in a new house is normally too expensive to neglect the preparation for the outcome necessities. So, a starting investment made in a good infrastructure design will allow differentials to its product in the competitive real estate market.

An interesting point to emphasize is that although the Brazilian Home Automation market is only in its first steps, we can make good use of all innovations introduced in product development around the world, mainly from the USA. Therefore, tested worldwide solutions can be implemented in Brazil effectively.

It is true that many foreign companies have representatives in Brazil, but conditions are good now to expand their activities by intensifying distribution channels, introducing new products or services and creating local partnerships.

Design expertise and system integration modeling are scarce services in the local market. Products like automation centrals, home networking solutions, cabling devices and many others will be highly demanded in the near future.

Our evaluation is that the rate of growth in the next few years will be sufficient to give viability to well conceived investment planning. Up-to-date technology, feasible training policy, competitive costs, liveliness and a good purpose in mind are the main characteristics imposed to newcomers.

The Brazilian Home Automation Association ( ) is opening its Training Center this season, a co-founding investment with private companies. It will be located in Sao Paulo – the major business city in South America. Its purpose is to showcase products and host meetings and workshops for technical people. The main objective is to demonstrate the possibilities of residential system integration to opinion makers through the use of a “live” showroom.

Established nationwide, the Association can also give support to foreign companies that want to know more about the singular characteristics of the Brazilian market and help them introducing their business locally.

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