100 years ago, it was electricity. Then telephones. Next came cable TV, then dial up Internet Access. What’s next? Broadband Internet. Whether DSL, cable modem, wireless or some new, untold technology delivers it, consumers are delighted with the new applications brought to the home with this high-speed data connection.

Let’s face it, the Internet is changing the face of how we live and work. This means the security industry needs to adapt to stay up with the changes to continue to grow at the same fast pace. Security installers can no longer rely on the installation of an inexpensive “no frills” security system. An increasingly educated consumer is demanding more from their security systems. They want telephone and Internet access, they want energy savings, lighting control, and they want it all integrated.

Make no mistake: This spells opportunity for the professional installer! Broadband Internet is moving into homes so that people can work at home, shop at home, keep in touch with family and educate their kids. It enables web-based home automation, security and control. Consumers need proper wiring and components to link their computers together and to the Internet. Like power windows in cars, these features will ultimately be in every home built. If a security installer doesn’t have the know-how and expertise to integrate a customer’s security/home automation system, he is losing business.

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