There is a new way to transfer information between two USB memory pen drive without the need of a computer or additional device/host hubs.

This new technology is embedded into the FlashPoint, which is powered by a small battery, giving it the ability to down load and up load data files between the FlashPoint and a regular flash drive. This new technology gives the user the freedom to transfer files on the ?go? without the need to have a laptop computer available to duplicate data from one device to another.

There will be multiple software configurations to meet the customer?s needs. Download all files or just update a group of data files. This new technology will play a big role in the ever-increasing portable digital formats for photos and the growing MP3 segment of the music world.

You could meet a business contact at lunch and be able to transfer data, (large spread sheets, Power Point Presentation, business contacts, etc.), from your USB FlashPoint pen drive to theirs all without the aid of a computer. Two teens could simply exchange digital photos or MP3 files for use in mobile digital players, all without the need of a computer. Trade shows could use this technology so exhibitors could download company and product information on the go to a potential client. All this will take place without cumbersome USB hub devices just to transfer data files from one USB Pen drive to another. Just plug your FlashPoint flash drive into their USB flash drive and push the launch button.

This technology will be offered as a product design and component package to USB memory drive manufactures to be implemented into their future products.

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