Qualified leads that result in happy customers start and end with a good Customer Relations Management System (CRM). The elements in-between comprise of an effective sales and marketing campaign. Learn more about planned online marketing strategies that convey a direct message to your specific targeted audience.

Your database of highly qualified leads starts with an effective CRM system. But consider this, it is never to soon to begin utilizing even the smallest amount of leads you have collected. No matter if you have 50 names or 500 names, it costs you the same amount of money to host your website and send electronic newsletters, which are the two types of online marketing campaigns we’re going to discuss today.

Electronic newsletters are a great way to generate repeat business, referral business and new business. It is a very cost-effective way to stay in front your customers and remind them of your services. Furthermore, you can inform them of new technology, let them know about a specific event or simply make them feel comfortable knowing you’re still in business, which is a great way to generate repeat business when their need arises.

Creating targeted e-mail campaigns is well within your reach, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. Once the electronic campaign is sent, it is easy to measure your results, for example, you can monitor the number of people who opened your e-newsletter and track who’s clicked-through to your website. Also, you can determine if your subscribers are taking more action than they did before, e.g., making purchases, registering for an event, etc.

Some basic hyper links that should be included in your e-mail newsletter campaign comprise of the following:

1. Your website
2. Your e-mail address
3. Company brochure that recipients can download
4. “Tell A Friend” button
5. Opt out button

Utilize your e-newsletter campaign to drive people to your website. Your website should be as professional looking as the services you offer. Customers will make judgment about your company based on the quality of your website. They will assume that your website is a reflection of your design and installation services.

Make sure you promote your company’s website on everything, including, but not limited to: vehicle wraps, stationary, message on hold, brochures, business cards, signage, etc.

Some basic items to include in your website consist of:

1. “Sign up for our newsletter” button
2. Contact us via e-mail and phone
3. Download company brochure
4. Professionally taken photos
5. Your credentials and associations

This article is provided courtesy of Leslie Stevens, President of Eclipse Marketing. Eclipse Marketing a full service marketing and public relations firm in the AV and security industry providing electronic system contractors, manufactures and distributors with professional marketing tools at cost-effective prices. Leslie Stevens can be reached at leslie@eclipsemarketing.netor by calling 949.363.5340,. To learn more about the marketing tools available, visit www.eclipsemarketing.net.