Tech Articles

Broadband – A New Utility?
Feb 15/10 – Kevin Meagher
The ‘connected home’ is really starting to become a reality. With more and more devices that link to the home network arriving in stores the prices are plummeting.

HDTV Antenna Guide
Feb 1/10 – Robert Schlecht
This primer will help you to choose the correct HDTV Antenna for your particular situation, along with installation tips.

Pre-Wire Your New Home – Chapter 3
The Absolute Minimum – and Why…
Feb 1/10 – David Feller
This is the second installment of a multi-part series covering all aspects of low voltage wiring in the home: entertainment, security, automation, and future planning.

ISE 2010 – Special News Report
News Announcements from the show.

Pre-Wire Your New Home – Chapters 1 & 2 –
Jan 12/10 – David Feller
A multi-part series covering all aspects of low voltage wiring in the home: entertainment, security, automation, and future planning.
CES Articles

CES 2010 – Special News Report
News Announcements from the show.

CES 2010 – Look Good, Act Assured, Play Loud
Feb 1/10 – Andy Marken
CES is like Cherry Blossom time in Japan or on the Potomac. Or Mel Brooks’ Springtime for Hitler! Just a great way to start fresh and see if the industry can get it right…this time.

The Future of “Green” Technology (Video)
Feb 1/10 – DS Simon Productions
Today’s cutting edge electronics products are more energy efficient, easier to recycle and are made with environmentally friendly materials.

Successful CES 2010 Sets Optomistic Tone for the Industry
Feb 1/10 – CEA News Release
The 2010 International CES featured a record number of innovative products and raised the bar for the next generation of consumer technology
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Crestron’s Vision for 2010
Feb 1/10 – Jeff Singer – Crestron
We now live in a digital world and Crestron is focused on transmitting, distributing, controlling and displaying digital HD content in the home.

3DTV Technology
Feb 1/10 – David Wertheimer – USC
The two main consumer 3D technologies today are passive polarized and active shutter.

Structured Wiring in 2010
Feb 1/10 – Grant Sullivan – Leviton
Nothing is faster than a hard-wired home network today. Not 3G, not N, G or B WiFi.
Management Articles

Bringing the In-Store Message to Life
Feb 1/10 – Jeff Hastings
Small retailers have taken advantage of the affordable stand-alone digital signage solutions that can be programmed and updated with a USB stick or a removable flash memory card.

Direct Marketing Gets You Noticed
Feb 1/10 – Leslie Stevens
In today’s cluttered marketing environment, it can be difficult to effectively deliver your message.

Free Agency… Changing the Employer/Employee Relationship
Feb 1/10 – Andy Marken
Today less than 15% of the U.S. employees work in production or manufacturing.
Trends, Series, Shows and Columns

Content Insider #136 – Social Media Spying
Feb 1/10 – THE Insider
Our kids do nearly everything on their smartphones or netbooks. Because we’re slightly retarded, they use email for us.

Content Insider #137 – Innovation
Feb 1/10 – THE Insider
The words innovation, efficiency and multitasking may not have been invented in Silicon Valley and the other technology enclaves, but they were refined, honed, perfected in these areas.

Content Insider #142 – Internet TV
Feb 1/10 – THE Insider
Kids don’t watch much TV with us anymore. They use their Roku units. They log onto their favorite shows. They YouTube oldies but goodies.