Parks Key Trends and Outlook for 2008
This paper examines some of the latest developments and activity across a wide array of products, services, and categories. The Parks Associates Analyst Team

2007 Chaos, What/Who Wins in 2008?
This is really going to be the year of storage. Cause you can make, send, grab all the content you want. But if you’ve got nowhere to store it you are so S******ed!!!! Andy Marken

Home Connectivity and Green Energy
While Renewable Energy Systems can provide useful functions on their own, their true potential will only be realized when all of these devices are connected with each other along with other devices Anto Budiardjo

The Need For Video Processing
With the emergence of HDTV, there is often a mismatch between the signal received and the aspect ratio and native resolution of a display. Anchor Bay Technologies

Impactful Home Theater through Tactile Technology
Tactile technology promises to deliver personalised, realistic impact through aesthetically pleasing (hidden) design, and straightforward integration without jeopardising our family’s hearing. Randolph Crowson and John Yi

HPCC: A Green Energy Enabler
In simple terms, HPCC creates a command and control network in the home using the existing power lines as a means of communication (PLC). Yitran Communications

Integrating the Old with the New
Integrating all subsystems including audio/video, automated lighting control, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) control, security control, and motorized window treatments. Blake Jochum

Web Services for the Digital Home
The role of Web Services in the digital home is guaranteeing interoperability among devices, services and systems involved. Thinagaran Perumal

Designing and Planning Wireless Networks
Not only mature components and new standards, but also modern planning and diagnostic tools make WLANs suitable for industrial use. Dr. Klaus Romanek

Get Your WiFi Signal Where You Want It
Keep the WAP as centered as possible in the living spaces where remote/portable devices will be located. Keep the antennas vertical! You want the signal to spread horizontally. Training Reels

Solving the Power Cord Pretzel Problem
Green Plug believes the time has come for a reusable, multi-port power supply that can provide a universal power interface for all electronic products. Seth Socolow

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Highlights of this issue plus a few words about CES, ISE and the world at large. Bob Hetherington

AVIA Inc. Increases Revenue with D-Tools
AVIA Inc. has experienced a significant reduction in time and cost for each project because resources are correctly allocated, resulting in better tracking and correctly ordered equipment for each job. D-Tools
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KEF Five-Two Series Surround Speakers
Surround Sound with only two speakers in the room … that is the claim of KEF with their 5-2 series. Bob Hetherington

Eric Wieland – Instant Tool-Less Connectors
With a tool-less connector, you strip the wire, and simply push the connector onto the cable for a secure connection.
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Use Lighting to Enhance HT System
With the addition of some accessory lighting, you can improve the picture quality, see your equipment without turning on annoying room lights and enjoy your system more. Dave Hochendoner

Content Insider #93 – The Great Escape
This is really going to be the year of storage. Cause you can make, send, grab all the content you want. But if you’ve got nowhere to store it you are so S******ed!!!! Andy Marken

Content Insider #94 – Treasure Hunting
Music…there! Video…there! Movies…there!!! School/market research…there! We know you grab it all. Big problem? Finding the stuff after you’ve got it — even your own stuff !!! THE Insider

Classic HomeToys 14 The Atari 5200
Atari’s Next Wave: The Atari 5200. James Russo

The Camcorder Shopping Crisis
It is harder to pick out the right Camcorder than ever before. In the last couple years, the options have exploded. Mark Shapiro

Cleaning your new flat-screen TV

Using the wrong cleaning solutions or methods can permanently damage your screen. Here are the reasons why cleaning your screen properly makes a big difference on the picture quality and ultimately the longevity of your viewing investment. Jay d’Antoni
Alternative Energy

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