Upon starting up and reading through this package, I realized how powerful and flexible the Event Control System (ECS) is. It will control and monitor a wide array of hardware from HVAC, to lighting, alarms, etc. The first thing you have to remember is that in the ECS, everything is an item … including the time and date as well as X-10 devices, relays, thermostats etc. The ECS is able to take any input you can think of, implement it and put it into action. You can then set up events to obtain the desired action for a device through numerous control parameters. Using logical statements you can use the various states of multiple items and logical operators to control the devices precisely. I can’t think of any instance where the ECS could not provide a desired action.

You can set up groups of similar devices, for example home lighting, alarm system, VCR, telephone answering, and add them to a master group. In order to monitor on the ECS, cut and paste the devices to your various screens. Once the initial program is set up, it is easy to monitor and change the setups as needed.

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There are many great features of this software. For example you can have events announce themselves via text to speech as well as send commands using voice recognition. In addition, there is a web interface that can be controlled remotely via web pages … you see pretty much the same interface as above … very neat add on!

All the events are stored in a database. If you make an error when setting it up … you get an error message in the top status bar. This product has been well thought out and is very powerful.

I have tried a few other systems and most seem to have limitations of one sort or another. Even with my meager setup of this software, it still does it all without anything to hold me back.

You can download ECS and try the full version for 30 days before it reverts to the lite version. The purchase price for the full version of ECS is $200.00 or $40.00 for the lite version.

I strongly recommend this product and look forward to fully integrating it into my home!