Beyond Blu-ray
05/18/12, Mark Anderson,
It seems like only yesterday that I breathed a sigh of relief at the end of the HD format wars. Blu-ray had won and I could safely start building my HD media library. With players under $100, it’s safe to say Blu-ray is now mainstream, but current TV’s and projectors can display content that is not supported by Blu-ray.

4K Resolution – The New Frontier in Home Theater & Media Rooms
05/18/12, Josh Christian, DSI Entertainment Systems
You may have heard about "4K" video resolution being offered by Sony, JVC, and Meridian in some of their latest high-end video projectors and wondered if it's for you.

NAB 2012 – Content Anywhere, Anytime Needs to be Monetized, Saved
05/18/12, Andy Marken , Marken Communications
NAB is the second most popular event for us to attend because we like to see how prehistoric our years in TV were compared to today and it's like light years. This year we're way beyond pushing stuff to the tube.

Demystifying Wi-Fi Roaming: What You Need to Know to Avoid Costly Mistakes
04/27/12, Clark Roundy, Luxul
Building a Wi-Fi network that delivers uninterrupted coverage to mobile or “roaming” devices can be a significant challenge—especially as coverage requirements increase. This challenge becomes considerably more manageable when the issue and the deployment alternatives are well understood

When to Bring a Theater Designer on Board
04/27/12, Sam Cavitt, Paradise Theater
All too often, the contractors leave and there's a "room" in the basement for the home theater. The drywall's, up; the floors are down; then you get stuck. All too often, this is the (too late) point the home theater designer gets the call. See how it should be done.

Choosing a Display for Digital Signage
04/27/12, Mark Anderson,
This is Mark's second article in a series at AVSystemsMag about the Digital Signage process – a look at display technologies.

Smart Appliances – Have they come of age?
04/27/12, Len Calderone
Many manufacturers are now producing Smart Appliances. Are they useful, or just gimmicks?

Digital Signage in a Manufacturing Environment
04/27/12, Mark Anderson,
A manufacturing company was in search of a method for displaying shift assignment information (on multiple screens) for up to 300 temporary workers a day across 49 resources. After a rapid evaluation of several products, Noventri was chosen as the solution and it blew away many much more expensive solutions.

Are You Driving a Car or a Computer?
04/27/12, Len Calderone
Cars are getting smarter by the year. Are we at the point where we're now driving computers?

Proactive AV and Home Automation Monitoring
04/13/12, Mark Anderson,
Break fix is perhaps the worst service model a custom installer can employ. An inexpensive pro-active monitoring system can be an installer's best friend.

Leviton Interview
04/13/12, Ian Hendler, Leviton
We talked with Leviton about their expansion in to automation technologies

Inside a Hi-tech Luxury Yacht
04/13/12, Willem Bok, BMB Electronics BV
Yacht building company De Scheepsbouwers Maritiem (The Maritime Shipbuilders) has reason to celebrate: They have finished building yacht number 1,000! As this was a special project De Scheepsbouwers went overboard (not literally!) and designed and built a rather special vessel, named the Stevenvlet 1500.

TempZone™ Electric Radiant Floor Heating Installed in a Universal Design Living Laboratory
04/13/12, Katie Scott, WarmlyYours Radiant Heating Inc
Recently, WarmlyYours had the unique opportunity of providing radiant floor heating for a Universal Design project with Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti and husband, Mark Leder. Dr. Rossetti, herself, with physical disabilities, and her husband constructed a Universal Design Living Laboratory (UDLL) home so they can live in a place that is accessible and comfortable.

Cooling the (almost) impossible enclosure
03/29/12, Frank Federman, Active Thermal Management
Active Thermal Management's CEO, Frank Federman, explains how to deal with challenging cooling projects


WarpiaTV Review
04/13/12, Mark Anderson,
There are a number of WirelessHD streaming players on the market. I unleashed the WarpiaTV Wireless Edition – SWP550 with my 50” Pioneer Kuro and got somewhat mixed results.

Mirage MMS-2 Media Server Review
03/29/12, Mark Anderson,
We took the cloud-connected MMS-2 media server for a spin for a number of weeks. It turned out to be a well-preforming, well-connected device.


Smart TV Ownership
05/18/12, Michael Lantz, Accedo
Smart TV Ownership Up 14% from 2009, But Over Half Aren't Connected. We asked Accedo's CEO, Michael Lantz, about the future of SmartTV.

Impact of Smart Grid on Connected Homes
05/18/12, Ron Zimmer , Continental Automated Buildings Association
The Continental Automated Buildings Association (, through its Connected Home Council ( and new Research Program, has begun work on its Impact of Smart Grid on Connected Home 2012 study. Ron Zimmer, CABA President & CEO describes the organization and project.

Leviton Interview
04/13/12, Ian Hendler, Leviton
We talked with Leviton about their expansion in to automation technologies

QDEF – A Stepping Stone or Alternative to OLED?
03/29/12, Jeff Yurek, Nanosys Inc
A new LCD backlighting technology from material science company, Nanosys Inc, delivers the promises of OLED displays at LCD prices.

Crestron and Kinect
03/29/12, Kor Baydurcan,
After seeing Crestron’s Kinect demonstration at CES, we asked Crestron’s Director of Software Products and Enterprise Solutions, Kor Baydurcan, about the integration and future plans.

More Articles

Content Insider # 217 – Protect Your Own
03/29/12, THE Insider
While it’s impossible to avoid the cloud with all the web services that are out there, it’s not a place we want to store anything we feel is important or private. Our new home cloud is a 16TB RAID that we hope will be enough storage and backup for a year or so.

Is Your Head in the Clouds?
03/29/12, Len Calderone
Basically cloud computing is a data center on-demand. It is an unstructured infrastructure owned and operated by someone outside of its customers’ company that accepts and runs workloads created by its customers. Previously, if a company needed more computing power, it added more servers, but for a small company, this is not cost effective. Using cloud computing, a company can plug into the Internet to access more computing power, which is scalable; meaning that as the demand changes, the cloud system will scale up or down.

Divergence of Content and Display Technology
03/06/12, Mark Anderson,
Current and emerging TV technologies have the capability to display a color gamut far beyond that available in consumer content. Movie studios are not delivering better content that takes advantage of these new technologies and the world seems to be rushing headlong towards lower quality streaming as the preferred deliver method. Surely there’s something wrong with this picture?

Affordable Digital Cinema
03/06/12, Justin Eugene Evans, Founder & President , BryteWerks, LLC
Startup project company, BryteWerks' CEO tells us why a filmaker decided to build a projector and revolutionize digital cinema in the process.

Is Your TV Smarter than a 5th Grader?
03/06/12, Len Calderone
3-D did not take off as the industry thought that it would, so the manufacturers are putting emphasis in developing a Smart TV, which has been on the back-burner for years. The concept is to make it easy to surf the Web, check the weather and locate news pages, as well as using other apps, all while watching TV.

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