Having been redesigned from the ground up, ECS is now an Object-Oriented/web-based application. It runs a simple web server that communicates via port 89 (regular web pages are on port 80) on your computer. This means that you can access your system from anywhere in your house or in the world (if you want to set up your firewall that way) with a browser or WAP-enabled phone or PDA.

All the functions you need for whatever hardware you have can be programmed with this software. The pricing is set at two levels

* ECS-Custom supports X-10 and text-to-speech for a base price of $90, with additional features priced from $40 to $90.
* ECS-Complete supports everything for $340.

The best way to set your system up is to read through the online user manual. It tells you how to set up the devices and program your schedules etc. You can customize the interface as you like it, removing items that you won’t use and set up the web pages to suit your needs as well. The software has built in text to speech and optional speech recognition modules to communicate with you. Program it to read you the weather forecast and turn the coffee maker on/off.

Although ECS may take some time to set up, once you get the hang of it you can control anything you want from small simple residence to a commercial building. It’s very powerful and flexible.

You can even access TV listings and program your PVR computer to save favorite shows. Use a laptop to start your sprinklers without even having to get out of bed. Whatever you need to do you can do it with ECS … and if you need help, support from Omnipotence is very good.

If you’re interested, all you need to do is download this program and give it a try for free for 15 days. It may be all you ever need.